Posted by: GAK67 [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 17, 2005 07:13PM
Drake, I am not an American, and I definitely do not like much of what America or Americans do, but to call all white Americans fascist racist scum just shows how hatred is spread, by picking up on the actions of a few, sensationalising them and then generalising them to the rest of the population.

Calling white Americans fascist racist scum is like calling muslims western hating fanatical terrorists.
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 18, 2005 11:42PM
We are all racist because it is built in to our genetic code. However human beings have this thing called a brain which is often used to overcome our chemical urges. Racists are very underdeveloped persons and we should offer them our pity.
Posted by: GAK67 [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 19, 2005 02:36AM
We should offer them our boot in the back of their head! Racists are scum and only slightly above peadophiles and rapists.
Posted by: TConX [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 19, 2005 05:20AM
Not all Americans are racists...

Just 51% of voters...
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 20, 2005 08:32PM
The U.S is drowning in it's own debt. They will not be a Superpower 50 years from now. Most Americans are too ignorant of their own govt. policie to even realize this. They had a nice run of things since the end of WWII, but now that the world has built itself back up into real competition with the U.S., they are in real trouble. China and the E.U. will be the next economic Superpowers. They will wake up some day and find that the world has blown by them. In terms of health care and education, much of the industrialized nations already have. Dont worry though Americans, the rest of the world will still pat you on the head and say "good boy!" as you happily gobble up whatever crap China will import to you Wal-Mart nation. Sorry America, I wish I was wrong on this one, but your slipping and your boy George will only make it worse (record deficits) for you. The clock is ticking....
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 20, 2005 09:26PM
Who gives a shit about 50 years from now? I am enjoying stepping on all you foreign bastards right now. You all want your turn sucking on the big American dick, just admit it. It is right now that counts for me and I am American so I have it made. Fuck all of you and your shitty countries. Yup, 50 years from now I will be eating from a tube in some shitty old person's home that my crappy insurance won't cover, but at least I will have fun getting there. And China a superpower? Those little fuckers don't even brush their teeth. All they do is swish some cologne around in their mouth and call it good, dirty fucks. USA! USA! USA! Suck on that Commies.
Posted by: Bob [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 20, 2005 09:54PM
12079 - an example of why in 50 years time America will no longer be a superpower
Posted by: GAK67 [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 20, 2005 10:42PM
Bob, I agree with you. When the europeans first arrived in asia, it was at a time when Queen Victoria would have a bath once a month, "whether she needed it or not!" Meanwhile the asians were bathing daily. 12079 then has the nerve to question the hygiene standards of the asians. It is only speculation, but if there were a billion people in the US, it would end up far dirtier than what most chinese areas are.
Posted by: Bill1 [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 21, 2005 01:17AM
Hey Anonymous 12079,

China not a Superpower? Take a look at the items on the shelves at your lame Wal-Marts (and basically every other store) pretty much everything is made in China. China has more than 1 billion more people working on their economy than does the U.S. and they actually MAKE money. They make a hell of a lot of money. You Bozos go deeper and deeper into the red each year. Check out the trade surplus with China...they kick your Yankee-Doodle ass! And it gets worse month after month. The only thing America makes now is a mess.
The writing is on the wall chubby, America is in decline and your irresponsible household, state and federal policies concerning debt and education are only making it worse. As long as nobody shuts down McDonalds or turns off your cable, you Americans probably won't even notice your slide into the lower realms of mediocrity. You had it all and pissed it away. Keep deluding yourself with the ass-kicking and dick-sucking talk...hell it probably won't even take 20 years the way you geniuses are going. Sad really.
Posted by: TConX [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 21, 2005 03:23AM
It's happened time and time again, all across histroy. Babylon, Greek, Rome, British, and soon, America...

Empires are made to crumble. All it takes is a few asshat leaders to fuck up the whole operation. Democracy doesn't save you from that, as the last election proved.
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 21, 2005 08:03PM
In 20 years we will still be your daddy. Keep talking you foreign pussies, the bully will still be around during your lifetimes to kick the shit out of you. Of course you can say that in the future this will change, no shit, nothing lasts forever. It is about right now, and right now you are all still my bitches. China a superpower? I still laugh at that. 1 billion little smelly people still don't add up to one American. Keep flooding your towns with shitty damns China and I will keep buying your child labor products from Wal-Mart.

oh, and one more thing. If you people read this stuff and take it seriously, you are the dumbest fucktards in the world.
Posted by: Amish_chopper [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 21, 2005 08:56PM
[email protected],

You are adorable...
Posted by: Bob [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 21, 2005 09:10PM
12079 why evre didn't you run for president? You'd win hands down! You got the entire white vote in your pocket. Of course in 20 years Hispanics will become the largest ethnic group in the USA even more so than whites so who knows maybe Mexicans will have more sense than the yankie doodle dandies on who runs the country.
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 21, 2005 10:42PM
Like I said, dumbest fucktards in the world. Thanks for making my point.
Posted by: DevilDog [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 22, 2005 12:54PM
Wow I love all these American hating dumbass idiots in this forum. You cant argue with them because in there small minds they will always be right. From time to time I tend to amuse myself by attempting but it is for pure sport of it. During the service to my country I have been to alot of these peoples countries and I tell it like I see it. Yet alot of these idiots have never been to mine but seem to know everything about it. And to top it all of I am a proud "yank" that voted for Bush.

Posted by: Joe49 [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 22, 2005 05:19PM
right on DevilDog.makes you wonder why every country in the world could be a democracy but doesn't have one.I say for America to leave the rest of the world alone & let them squander in their own shit.two things they never seam to have a problem with is feed & breed.
Posted by: TConX [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 22, 2005 07:45PM
"...because in there small minds they will always be right."

You do understand that you used the wrong word there?

It's 'their', you stupid Racist Amerikkkain fuck!

But thanks for making so easy to identify you as a fucking idiot!
Posted by: Bob [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 23, 2005 12:28AM
I love this discussion, getting a rise out of people is so bloody easy these days smiling smiley
Posted by: DevilDog [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 23, 2005 03:06AM
Wow, I am a racist now? TConX thanks for fixing that for me but you forgot "IT" in your last sentence. Your sentence should read "But thanks for making IT so easy to identify you as a fucking idiot!" I guess I am not the only idiot! We can do this all day long and change the title of the forum to "Correct each others spelling and grammer forum".

TConX thank you for proving my point about your small mind.
Posted by: GAK67 [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 23, 2005 08:51PM
Joe49 and DevilDog, I can understand your patriotism as I too am patriotic to my country. What I can't understand, especially Joe49, is why you think you should impose your way on the rest of the world. Joe49, you stated that it "makes you wonder why every country in the world could be a democracy but doesn't have one." I am sure that in Saudi Arabia they are glad they have not had money hungry politicians taking over the contol of their oil, but rather had a monarchy that has a love and concern for the country and it's people controlling things. They would not have the free education and health system they currently have!

As for the feed and breed comment, look at America's obesity problem before accusing others of that.
Posted by: Bob [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 23, 2005 10:49PM
Patriotism is fine. Being a Scot we are very patriotic despite being part of a larger country, however we have never forcebly imposed our patriotism on any other country. Preversely the americans managed to impose their patriotic feelings on the Scottish story of patriotism with William Wallace in the film 'Braveheart'.
Posted by: Bob [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 23, 2005 10:50PM
mistake : perversely
Posted by: Kevin [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 24, 2005 02:29AM
[email protected]:

At least in the United States we know how to pronounce "aluminum." A.K.A. we don't say "alyoominium"

Bob and others:
Mel Gibson imposed his patriotic feelings on you in Braveheart, not me. Open your eyes... we aren't "borgs" that have been assimilated. To be little George W. Bushs and Mel Gibsons. Take some time to realize there are lot a good people who live here. Yeah, there are some bastards too, but every country has them. Ours are just a little bigger right now winking smiley

I really hate the way people on this site, and most likely in the world, tend to think that "all Americans" are: fat, McDonald's fanatics, rednecks, bigots, etc. You might as well check to see if you can share a booth with the KKK and the Neo Nazis at the next DUMBASS convention.

If you actually had more knowledge of our country besides when our military sticks its nose where it doesn't belong or from watching "American" television or movies you might realize that there is a lot of dissent in this country right now. Trying to write off every "American" as being a clone of the fucking tools who fuck everything up so well, is lunacy.

Geography Lesson #1:

America is not a country!

North America and South America are continents.

The United States of America is a country.

Technically somebody from Brazil is "American", as are Mexicans, Canadians, Peruvians, etc.

So until the bigots in other countries take to time to realize that not every US citizen is some dumbass redneck with a gun rack in the back window of his flat bed pick up.... YOU CAN ALL SUCK A FAT ONE!
Posted by: GAK67 [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 24, 2005 03:19AM
Kevin, Americans say aluminum as you have spelled it, unfortunately the rest of the world says it and spells it Aluminium.

It is unfortunate that people generalise things to the entire US population, but it is not just your politicians that screw it up for you. A few years ago I was walking into a McDonalds restaurant in Rome to use their bathrooms after having a delcious pasta meal alfresco on the pavement of a little side street. As I walked in, two American women walked out, McDonalds paper bags in hand, and one turned to the other and said, "I wonder what these Italians did before they had our McDonalds?" I live in New Zealand, and another example is that I met a man from the US in NZ who told me that when he told friends and family he was coming to NZ, they thought that NZ was connected to Australia by the Sydney harbour bridge. Please don't misinterpret this by thinking that I think all Americans are like this. I have met some lovely American people who are intelligent, open minded, good people, but from my experience they are in the minority.

As for your being pedantic about who an American is, it is generally acccepted that people from the US are called Americans. It is easier to say than 'Citizen of the United States of America'.
Posted by: Kevin [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 24, 2005 03:49AM
I agree that there a lot of dumbasses in my country, politician or not.

I have also met some real asses from other countries, but I don't go around making generalizations about their fellow countrymen based upon my impression of the idiots. GAK67, I think you possess the intelligence to digest and correctly interpret my message, but I am disheartened that there are a lot of idiots on either side of the fence that are doomed as bigots for life.

Your point is noted, but I think the difference between minority and majority in the US lies within one standard deviation. My thoughts, or is it a hope?

I didn't choose to be born here, but I am going to make the best of it, because I do love my country. Similarly there Iraqis who probably aren't proud of the fact that Saddam was their leader for many years, but many of them are obviously proud of their heritage. Don't burn them at the stake for some dickhead's sins.

Respect is a scarce commodity. Unfortunately there are too many cynics. Things are going to get much worse before they get better unless that changes.

P.S. I'll give you the aluminum point since a Brit discovered it. Sir Humphry Davy (Britain) established the existence of aluminium and named it.
Posted by: GAK67 [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 25, 2005 12:29AM
I don't get too hung up on generalisations, as there is usually some truth to them, as long as they are in fact generalisations. What annoys me is when somebody accuses another specific person of a particular characteristic simply because they belong to a certain group, without actually finding out what that person is like. For example, I would not be upset if you said Kiwi's (or New Zealander's) are sheep shaggers - it is an old joke and no body believes it anyway. I would be upset if you accused me of shagging a sheep. I have never found sheep appealing in that way (although cooked medium rare with a bit of mint sauce is a different matter)!

Respect comes from not pre judging a person until you have evidence of their character.

I do accept your point about dumbasses everywhere. I know a few from around these parts.
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 25, 2005 03:13PM
Top of the morning to all of you out there in blunderland/have you seen any unbiased news ? If so please share it with us Americans/are you Canucks getting ready to send us Americans some of your tainted mad cow for our comsumption?yummy,yummy. If any of you think this is bull shit(punn Intended) go to consumers union and read about(sign the petition if you care)we have a number of fine Imports from all over the world we have the south American fire ant,we have the mediterranean(please double check my spelling some of you english professors in internet land)fruit fly,we have the mexican crop picker(do you know why mexicans have big noses? so they will have something to pick during the winter)The Jamican & Hatian drug dealers,and so on&on.wonder why Americans have an attitude?It's an aquired attitude,but I suppose we do things you hate too! therefore I say let everybody stay in his/or her country and mind your own bussiness America Included.
Posted by: Bob [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 25, 2005 03:20PM
why not let people go wherever they want in the world? If you hate where you live so much move!
Posted by: TConX [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 25, 2005 04:28PM
Why do the racists always post via Anonymous?
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (195.93.33.---)
Date: January 25, 2005 07:25PM
What do you get when you cross an Octopus and a Mexican?....................................................................................................

I don't know, but that fucker can sure pick tomatoes.
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