Posted by: mkcerusky [x] - (150.145.2.---)
Date: March 23, 2005 11:38AM
This week we have two Scotland vs Italy included Under 21 teams, Who is going to win?
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (150.145.2.---)
Date: March 23, 2005 12:00PM
Who cares?
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (150.145.2.---)
Date: March 23, 2005 12:11PM
Scotland don't play football.
Posted by: Bob [x] - (150.145.2.---)
Date: March 23, 2005 11:18PM
Scotland plays shinty.
Posted by: Bob [x] - (150.145.2.---)
Date: March 23, 2005 11:19PM
Oh and I don't care about under 21's. Hell Italys under 21's could beat the first scotland team. The only thing that excites me is that Riordan or O'Connor might start for Scotland. It's always good when a local player plays for your country. Even if it will be in an ass raping of a game.
Posted by: mkcerusky [x] - (150.145.2.---)
Date: March 29, 2005 07:54AM
Well, none of the guesses were right: 2-0 and 2-0 .... Italies won of course smiling smiley
Posted by: mkcerusky [x] - (150.145.2.---)
Date: March 29, 2005 08:12AM
By the way, did you see what happened in Genova the day before the match?

Nice, isn't it? smiling smiley
Posted by: Bob [x] - (150.145.2.---)
Date: March 29, 2005 10:34AM
Yes italy won. Thankfully I wasn't at home to watch it (was at a gig trying to forget the whole thing). Then it turned out it wasn't all that bad. Two freekicks was all the goals were which for scotland is a success. Congratulations mkcerusky on your country winning at fussball
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (150.145.2.---)
Date: March 29, 2005 10:06PM
The irony of football never ends, football was played first in Scotland so you'd think you'd have the time to get good at playing it. Now it turns out your one of the worst countries at playing it. McNuggety Scotland couldna win at football if they played northern ireland. I think you should stick to curling and that football/hockey game, shinty? You may have invented the beautiful game but you certainly don't play beautiful.
Posted by: mkcerusky [x] - (150.145.2.---)
Date: March 30, 2005 07:46AM
Wasn't football invented in England?
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (150.145.2.---)
Date: March 30, 2005 08:49AM
No,no,no! Let the Scots take the blame.
Posted by: mkcerusky [x] - (150.145.2.---)
Date: March 30, 2005 10:44AM
Our infallible strikers in the match, "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly":

But they didn't score, we are lucky to have Pirlo who is one of the best freekicks shoters!
Posted by: mkcerusky [x] - (150.145.2.---)
Date: March 30, 2005 10:45AM
However they used to play some kind of football/rugby also in anchient Florence
Posted by: Bob [x] - (150.145.2.---)
Date: March 30, 2005 04:49PM
i remember when i first started playing football i was told about how football came about (maybe it was in england afterall). the first internationals were between scotland, england, wales and ireland. scotland used to win a lot in those days (over 100 years ago!). it was kinda like football but the referee was =very= lenient. now adays you can barely touch your opponent, back then they had fights, people stamped on the ref or goalkeeper, if you wanted the ball you were allowed to rugby tackle the opponent. basically the internationals were like a big fight in which a ball flew about on. oh and mkcerusky, i'd post a pic of the scotland strikers but unfortunately they change from week to week so keeping up is a little difficult confused smiley
Posted by: mkcerusky [x] - (150.145.2.---)
Date: March 31, 2005 08:15AM
Bobyou could post a picture of the goal keeper!
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (150.145.2.---)
Date: April 14, 2005 11:09PM
What's wrong with you muppets, Don't even know that your own country invented football. Football was invented in Scotland in the 1600's. I suggest you take a trip to Hampden & see all the proof in the Museum for yourselves.
Posted by: tdfxtrdxgf [x] - (150.145.2.---)
Date: June 03, 2005 07:38PM
scotland r shit at football england invented it and my school team could probably beat them
Posted by: WEE_FUKIN_GOBZ_YGB1 [x] - (150.145.2.---)
Date: September 03, 2005 08:04PM
Posted by: Paul_Hammer_of_the_English [x] - (150.145.2.---)
Date: April 30, 2006 12:09PM
Sorry to put a big blue pin in your big white bubble England, but England DIDNT invent football, they invented how to kick a ball, and some basic rules, but they didnt invent the actual modern day game. In the early days of the game, the English teams used to play a sort of Rugby style football tactic, where there players would just punt the ball up the field and hope for the best. It was the scots that invented tactics and invented "the passing game". Thats right! You DID NOT invent football, GET IT RIGHT UP YE!
Posted by: shaDEz [x] - (150.145.2.---)
Date: May 07, 2006 12:55PM
it's called soccer...
Posted by: zxz555 [x] - (150.145.2.---)
Date: May 08, 2006 08:47AM
It´s called =fitba= in the land Paul Hammer says it was invented in.
Posted by: ORLANDO399 [x] - (Moderator)
Date: October 13, 2008 05:46AM
u.s. will be the darkhorse in tellin ya all two yrs in tellin ya...semifinals here we come!
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