Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (172.194.6.---)
Date: March 31, 2005 10:38AM
Why dont they just make a gay section for all the homos who feel the need to upload all the queer sex and penis pics. That way they dont have to look at the normal pics and everyone else doesnt have to look at 3 pages of penis pics.

Or, try being normal and stop being queer.
Posted by: straightedge [x] - (172.194.6.---)
Date: March 31, 2005 11:20AM
That's the problem, though. As long as straight people put porn up, gays will be compelled to as well. I'm not gay, so I usually don't waste any time looking at them
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (172.194.6.---)
Date: March 31, 2005 02:31PM
I am sure glad the aids virus will help eliminate the queers one day.I live in the U.S.A and about as far away from california(Kal-a-forn-ya)as one can get in the U.S.A,the state is almost run by the Jews & queers,maybe the faultline that runs from indonesia to california will erupt one day and clean up that state .
Posted by: straightedge [x] - (172.194.6.---)
Date: March 31, 2005 05:07PM
too far, 229199.
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (172.194.6.---)
Date: April 01, 2005 07:44AM
Maybe you stupid ass closed minded bastard a female enjoys seeing the pic.When did this site turn into all didn't!Stop your fucking whinny ass complaining.You are probably just disturbed because your little dick gets hard when you see those fags and cocks.I get sick of seeing the never-ending spunk pics that you hard up guys post.Not everyone needs to see the most recent pic you have creamed because you can't get a real piece of ass.If this site would attract the types of people who are inventive and/or resourceful enough to find or make funny,bizarre,or weird pics,it would be great!Leave your porn with your jack your bed or bathroom,not on here.
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (172.194.6.---)
Date: April 01, 2005 09:54AM
I would be willing to bet that you are one of the fags posting all the dick pics. Like I said... I wouldn't even mind if there was a section for those so you queers would keep it off the main section. when im looking through new pics I don't want to have to look through pages of losers taking pics of there penis.

So don't come on here and try and analyze everyone because they don't want to see that crap. take your Internet psychology degree somewhere else fag.
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (172.194.6.---)
Date: April 01, 2005 06:51PM
its all poop to me. that's why I don't look at the pics. I know that takes effort but you'd be less offended if you just skipped the sick faggoty images
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (172.194.6.---)
Date: April 02, 2005 05:07AM
I am 11711 and I am female.You fucking goof, you can assume all men are on here and you are wrong.Not everyone wants to see pussy all the time.Like I said if you had a real one (woman)then you wouldn't feel the need to constantly look at pics of women you can't get.I must have hit a nerve you closet cock hound and you didn't like it huh?Bring on the cocks! Also if there are homesexuals on this site,so be it you fucking Nazi,I'll ask for more cock pics and gay pics just to fuck you off asshole!Might even dig up a few for you myself.Anything to make you miserable asshole!
Posted by: Hey_Sous [x] - (172.194.6.---)
Date: July 08, 2005 03:04AM
I like to look at penises. It breaks up the monotony of bewbies and cunts on this site.
Posted by: fossil_digger [x] - (172.194.6.---)
Date: October 08, 2005 02:47AM
it's a free sight, and people can load whatever they want. dicks are not my taste at all,thats why i don't look, maybe others ought to do the same. i've said it before and i guess i have to say it again, don't bash gays cause they're different than you, encourage them to get out there and convert some more pretty boys over so us normal guys have a better shot at that smokin' babe! go get 'em boys!
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (172.194.6.---)
Date: October 26, 2005 10:51PM
why do you hate fags so much? they arnt doing any harm, infact they are leaving more cicks for us! shouldnt be so quick to judge!!!

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