Posted by: pulse [x] - (Moderator)
Date: June 23, 2022 11:04AM
I've been skimming through some of the old forum posts and images lately. Made me feel nostalgic for the site. So many old users we've lost along the way, no idea what happened to any of them. Such a shame, it used to be a real community.

Obviously things always change, and people come and go, but it's kind of sad how desolate things have become. Having effectively killed the porn site by blocking uploads because I simply can't be fucked with it anymore, I'm wondering how much future this place has. Would anyone even miss it if it were gone? I have zero time for new features/upkeep, DK hasn't been online for, what, 18 months?

I dunno. Maybe I'm just rambling out loud.

        \_/_         ___..._____....__\|/_
       / /_/__..---""___   ___ .    .  .  """---...___
__..--/ ( (       .  \_/   \_/            \|/    .   .
     /  | |   \|/     \ \  \ \     \|/
\|/ |  <  <  .     .   \ \  \ \   .        .        .
    \   \_ \            \ \ |  \
 .   \    `-.___    _.../__/   |   .   .      \|/  .
     /          `~~~      /   /
    |                   (    /
    |                  /     \   .     .   \|/
   /                          \
 .'                            \  .-"""-.
(_.'~`----`~~~~~`-._            ,`     \o)    .       .
    .       .       `-._         _      /
                        `-.     ( `-_X./         JRO
           \|/             `-.   `-._)/
                 .       .    `-.__.-'     .      .
 .            .                       .
     \|/           .    \|/      .         \|/    .
Posted by: quasi [x] - (71.215.128.---)
Date: June 24, 2022 10:37AM
Your not going to start talking about the good old days while crying in your beer, are you? That's a sure sign you're getting old.
Posted by: pulse [x] - (Moderator)
Date: June 25, 2022 10:10AM
Haha no not crying into my beer. Though my wine glass is currently empty. Maybe that's part of the issue.

I am feeling a bit nostalgic in general lately. But I definitely miss the days when there was a couple of dozen people contributing new stuff each day and maybe nearly a hundred people commenting. I'm definitely getting old! My 40s has been shit so far. I think I was 21 or 22 when we launched this thing.

It's a bit like the IRC channel that spawned the site. IRC is dead, web killed it. Then social media has killed the web smiling smiley We should have been Reddit and I could have retired by now winking smiley

Sometimes I get curious about what's happened to the old really prolific users though. People who were here and posting every single day. Are they dead? Got bored? Just kind of weird to disappear one day and never come back.

Anyway, time for another drink.
Posted by: quasi [x] - (71.215.128.---)
Date: June 25, 2022 12:12PM
I check in every day to see what's up (unless I'm out camping away from the www). I apologize to you for the amount of political posts but the U.S. has been undergoing an existential threat the last few years that some people think is just the ticket and I can't resist poking them a little bit. I think most of them went away mad or something because plus couldn't become a home for their crap, or they've become embarrassed by it which they should be. And I've had to curtail my own picture taking a bit. I'm in my 60's now so don't feel like you're old, I've got you beat.
Posted by: pro_junior [x] - (Moderator)
Date: June 29, 2022 02:41PM
" I think most of them went away mad or something because plus couldn't become a home for their crap"

Maybe they went away because YOU decided that plus613 is a home for YOUR crap.

I've enjoyed this site for many years but not anymore. If I wanted to see political bullshit I'd go to twitter.

Also, most of the people that pulse is referring to left long before you started in with your political bullying, get over yourself you arrogant prick.
Posted by: quasi [x] - (71.215.128.---)
Date: June 29, 2022 06:25PM
Posted by: pro_junior [x] - (Moderator)
Date: June 30, 2022 02:50PM
Posted by: pulse [x] - (Moderator)
Date: July 03, 2022 05:04AM
Calm down now children smiling smiley

The problem is the web has become so unbelievably political everywhere. It's especially bad since 2016, especially when they're not your own politicians. I don't really care about that though, people are free to post whatever they want (within reason, obviously), just like people are free to ignore the posts or people they don't like smiling smiley

We've had a lot of weirdos and cool people on the site over the years (it's 20 years old next year). Both have fundamentally disappeared. I did a mock up of what I'd replace the site with if I killed it the other day. Maybe I should start with the porn site now..
Posted by: woberto [x] - (1.147.93.---)
Date: July 17, 2022 06:48AM
ASCI goat? Meh.
ASCI goat freehand? Old-skool
ASCI goat freehand upside-down? WE'RE NOT WORTHY!
Anyhoo, you got my attention.
Refer to my last upload...
Posted by: pulse [x] - (Moderator)
Date: July 17, 2022 01:44PM
Yeah. The only reason I haven't is because I kind of wonder if any oldschool people will come back one day smiling smiley It's a curiosity on my part. Shadez is a good example after like 15 years.

That said I did only replace the main hosting servers ~2 years ago, the last core cluster ran for .. like 14 years or something .. and I don't really have anything else I want to do with these systems. By the time they start failing I'd imagine a phone would be able to take the load of everything especially with the porn site dead, at which point I can pretty much host it for free. Hell I basically can today anyway.

So I guess it'll just keep ticking along like a rudderless ship. No change, no direction.

Posted by: pro_junior [x] - (Moderator)
Date: July 23, 2022 08:57PM
quasi takes all the fun out of this site.
Posted by: pulse [x] - (Moderator)
Date: July 24, 2022 01:51PM
tbh all the political shit does, regardless of the views. You know you can ignore each other?
Posted by: Anon [x] - (120.156.9.---)
Date: August 14, 2022 04:43AM
People, there's a simple way of looking at it:

I saw a query on a board (forget where) asking about this site but they had forgotten the name. It's simply not on any list. People have been busy with their lives (I used to work full time and study 2-3 nights a week, I would never have come here then, yet four of my uploads are in the top 12 top rated). If they left an email, is there any term of service preventing you contacting them?

That being said, politics, dissident suppression, psy-ops, there's poison everywhere. This site is clean compared to some (and I mean the comments). Also, look at the number of views!
Posted by: MousAnony [x] - (255.216.190.---)
Date: September 02, 2022 03:58PM
I love you all.
Posted by: quasi [x] - (71.215.128.---)
Date: September 03, 2022 11:22AM
Dude, you're drunk, but we appreciate it.
Posted by: Anon [x] - (120.156.25.---)
Date: September 13, 2022 01:22AM
People, could you delete the girly smut that comes up on the top rated pages?
Posted by: pro_junior [x] - (Moderator)
Date: October 16, 2022 08:30PM
Posted by: GAK67 [x] - (248.76.39.---)
Date: February 06, 2023 03:56AM
I have only ever been a small part of the 'community', and definitely not an original, but it gave me some entertainment. I'm now just an occasional lurker, but I'd miss it if it was gone.
Posted by: woberto [x] - (61.245.146.---)
Date: February 06, 2023 05:29AM
Anon Wrote:
> People, could you delete the girly smut that comes
> up on the top rated pages?
thumbs up
Well, plus613 has a very sophisticated voting system so if you don't like an image you can give it 1 star and that should do the trick! No more smut on the top rated pages (not that you can access the top_list because the server can't handle it).
thumbs up
For nearly 15 years now I have been giving mkcerusky 5 stars simply because it was OC but mostly because it irritated other people.
So maybe the system is not as sophisticated as it could be but yeah.
Posted by: pulse [x] - (Moderator)
Date: April 16, 2023 06:04AM
I actually like the OC 5 star idea smiling smiley I think we should be promoting OC more. That helps both remove some of the political shit but also gives something that's different to anywhere else.

If I want to be bombarded by political shit I can go to Reddit.

Probably 80% of the stuff I've uploaded is O.C.. and most of the rest is test images for when I've been messing with servers, some that I do and the rest that I don't bother to delete.
Posted by: woberto [x] - (1.147.52.---)
Date: April 17, 2023 12:02PM
Homer Simpson : [sarcastic voice] Ooh, look at me! I'm making people happy! I'm the Magical Man from Happy-Land, in a gumdrop house on Lollipop Lane!
Also, goats.
Posted by: Anon [x] - (244.35.238.---)
Date: April 18, 2023 09:23AM
People, how about some new categories? Politics; Fashion/Fads; Science/Engineering?

Also, could there be a set of check boxes with each of the categories and you select what you want to see? Most of the politics on this site is foreign to me.
Posted by: anon_bot [x] - (1.147.52.---)
Date: April 18, 2023 11:29AM
Have you not seen this page and "explored" it then? []
Posted by: woberto [x] - (210.23.153.---)
Date: November 22, 2023 02:04AM
Thins link is borked []
Posted by: pulse [x] - (Moderator)
Date: November 22, 2023 08:55AM
I think it's safe to say "NFI" smiling smiley

Other random users I checked seemed okay.

When logged in, I see my own images (presume you do, too?). When not logged in, I just see random pictures uploaded by registered users (not anon uploads; I think).

I presume it's either the length of the username or the underscore breaking it, as the same thing happens with eg []

Interesting. No idea smiling smiley
Posted by: pulse [x] - (Moderator)
Date: November 30, 2023 12:22PM
Testing a post
Posted by: pulse [x] - (Moderator)
Date: November 30, 2023 12:23PM
Testing a post 2
Posted by: woberto [x] - (210.23.153.---)
Date: November 30, 2023 08:44PM
"if it ain't broke don't fix it" but thanks for fixing it pulse.
You act like you don't care, so cool and relaxed, but we know you care.
Posted by: woberto [x] - (210.23.153.---)
Date: December 01, 2023 03:12AM
The "new comment"s speech bubble thing-a-ma-jig is not working... in the gallery.
Posted by: pulse [x] - (Moderator)
Date: December 01, 2023 10:03AM
I think I've reversed the fix which broke it. Now the error is back in the logs.


It's like DK's code relies on positive failure.

[01-Dec-2023 09:52:52 UTC] PHP Notice:  Trying to access array offset on value of type null in site_gallery.php on line 276

I got almost all the errors .. not erroring. This one stopped, but also broke part of functionality so wotevz.
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