Posted by: Onyma [x] - (173.245.54.---)
Date: February 15, 2021 04:03PM

Looks like there is a DB Query issue when connecting with IPv6. I get the following error

error running: Column 'intip' cannot be null
REPLACE `user_stats` (`intip`,`hits`,`first_url`) VALUES (INET_ATON('2677:f5a8:5b80:6a:b11a:4cb0:6446:a4d9'),'1','/')

The mySQL function INET_ATON() doesn't work with IPv6 address. You just need to replace the function with INET6_ATON() which is the updated version. It will also continue to support IPv4 as well.

I had to connect through my VPN to pull an IPv4 address to post this.


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Posted by: pulse [x] - (Moderator)
Date: February 16, 2021 07:08AM
Try now, let's see if it works.

Edit: Nevermind, that broke everything smiling smiley

I'll take a look

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Posted by: Onyma [x] - (89.187.178.---)
Date: February 23, 2021 04:08AM
Hey, sorry, just got back to see this now. Still experiencing the issue so using my VPN to connect. Hopefully it's not too much of a cascade effect to figure out.
Posted by: pulse [x] - (Moderator)
Date: March 03, 2021 11:42PM
IPv6 support should work on both sites now

Let me know if you have any issues
Posted by: fossil_digger [x] - (242.13.143.---)
Date: March 13, 2021 03:40AM
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Posted by: shaDEz [x] - (73.106.28.---)
Date: November 13, 2021 07:25PM
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Posted by: pulse [x] - (Moderator)
Date: November 14, 2021 11:29AM
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