Posted by: Hurin [x] - (129.240.114.---)
Date: April 20, 2005 09:36PM
I thought of something that may help those of us who don't like the 3rd rate porn crap that keeps on flooding the site. Not so long ago it was made possible to select only a certain category of images for viewing. But maybe it's possible to allow a reverse thing as well? I.e. allow to exclude a certain category of images? This way those who ain't interested in porn will be able to avoid it, everything will be fine and peace will settle all over the world, & the like. I don't know anything about web programming, though, so I don't know if it's technically possible...
Posted by: pulse [x] - (129.240.114.---)
Date: April 21, 2005 12:18AM
If you select "Work Safe(r) Categories Only" under the drop down image filters, you get all images that are NOT adult or unrated. See here


Anyway, it doesn't matter for long, we will very shortly be launching a solution to the porn issue once and for all.
Posted by: theguy [x] - (129.240.114.---)
Date: April 21, 2005 08:09AM
Pulse ... this is a quick question. Does the porn stuff cover all adult material, or does it exclude obvios amature stuff ... or interesting naked people things? By that I mean 1000 people running through a city tatoos in unique places, and yes unfortunately guys who post themselves. Thanks.
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (129.240.114.---)
Date: April 22, 2005 07:06AM
Pulse please define porn
Posted by: pulse [x] - (129.240.114.---)
Date: April 22, 2005 10:00AM
Stuff that is rated as "Adult/Erotic" by the users
Posted by: Stiffler [x] - (129.240.114.---)
Date: April 23, 2005 06:50PM
So are you giving us a bit of a clue by mentioning the "Adult/Erotic" user rating system? ie. If it's rated "Adult/Erotic" it gets 86'ed off of the site.
Posted by: pulse [x] - (129.240.114.---)
Date: April 24, 2005 09:54AM
Nope, you'll still be able to view it
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (129.240.114.---)
Date: April 26, 2005 03:21AM
Pulse, I just wanted to thank you and your corheirts for providing this site.
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (129.240.114.---)
Date: April 27, 2005 02:10AM
As long as your editing whats posted, can you also edit the inane comments, except thi one.
Posted by: pulse [x] - (129.240.114.---)
Date: April 27, 2005 11:44AM
We're not editing the images, we're just moving things around a bit on the site
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (129.240.114.---)
Date: April 29, 2005 06:34AM
why on Gods green earth would ANYONE want to look at some idiots TEENY TINY pecker freshly washed and primped???
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