Posted by: hozbro [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 02:03AM
Censorship just to let you know my comments were wiped from the gallery. Seems like they run a Censorship policy here. Not As if they were extreme just what the right wing views of plus 613 want u to hear. pLus 613 will restrict tour posts.

You only see and here what they want. If you read this before it gets deleted tell the others.
Posted by: geezer [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 02:24AM
Well, why wasn't this deleted too? It wouldn't hurt to "make it disappear". :>
Posted by: allan [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 09:07AM
Censor this then you old fart!
Posted by: hosbro [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 09:52AM
the problem is not censorship can probably say anything you wanna....the problem is when you say it under other people's screennames....after the changeover that only allowed names that were alpha numeric someone grabbed up names that contained symbols and spaces that allowed them to post under what seemed to be the exact same under your own name and i'm sure everything you say will remain here...i had, and i hope nobody else did, no problem what was said its just that i didn't say it ....when you piss a lotta people off on here it's nice to know exactly why someone "gunning for you" is slamming ya.....99.994% of it is all in good fun....and if ya need a program to know who the players are at a particular time the game doesn't seem nearly as fun
Posted by: pulse [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 01:50PM
Allan, you've blatantly misunderstood how to use the image tag. But hey, you tried.

I'm glad I've upset Mung by deleting the posts he made by stealing Hosbro's account. I'm also glad to see he's wasting his time spamming the rest of the site with his shitty little "my posts were deleted!" rant. Considering the posts that were removed were only the ones he made under stolen accounts, and not under his own, I fear the censorship. I'm not hiding the fact I did it. When I removed his shit, I posted under the image [] the fact that I had done so.

There's no hidden agenda here. You steal somebody else's account, your shit will be removed. End of story. If you don't like our policies, I don't care. Now go away child.
Posted by: Mint [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 29, 2004 05:46AM
Posted by: stussy_demon [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 29, 2004 10:09AM
Yeah well said Pulse. Mung is a smamming fuck wit, probably the same idiot that stirred all the shit between me, allan, stryker etc etc.
Posted by: allan [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 29, 2004 02:48PM
heh! some ass wipe is still posting using my name the above shit was not me ok!
Posted by: geezer [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 30, 2004 09:12AM
Yea, and some other guy is using it, too!
Posted by: geezer [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 30, 2004 02:46PM
OHHHHH, you meant the OTHER person is an asswipe. LMAO
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