Posted by: Hosbro [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 12:48AM
There seems to be an element of racist pictures here agian.
ARE you going to ban them people from this or is it ok? I say ban these people but it seems to be okay?

Even to post a racist comment , do u think this os ok?
Posted by: Hosbro [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 12:49AM
do you want me to moderate?
Posted by: pulse [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 12:55AM
No thanks Mung, you've pissed over the site enough recently to do more than enough damage already. Thanks.
Posted by: hasbro [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 01:24AM
And i meant that this is a site that promotes racist pictures. As much as tred to promote 613 i have to say that it swings to the right with its racist views!

Posted by: Whatever [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 01:25AM
I wish i could say this site was ok. But it promotes racist views and has no hesitation in promoting anti black views.
Posted by: hasbro [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 01:26AM
find your right wing views here they will block and stop our posts anyway.
Posted by: hasbro [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 01:27AM
its ok to post your right wing pics here no one moderates whats going on.
Posted by: hasbro [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 01:28AM
they will bann u fromm blocking racist but its ok to post yer racist views here
Posted by: hasbro [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 01:29AM
if yer name dont fit its ok to ban yer leftie iews
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 01:31AM
its ok to post anto black pics here there famous for it!
Posted by: hozbro [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 01:35AM
Censorship its not a policy its a right
Posted by: hozbro [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 01:39AM
Censorship just to let you know my comments were wiped from the gallery. Seems like they run a Censorship policy here.

You only see and here what they want. If you read this before it gets deleted tell the others.
Posted by: pulse [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 01:29PM
When you are stealing other people's names and attacking them by using them, and I have to spend an HOUR cleaning up your shit, you're fucking right I'll delete them.

You're missing a vital point. It's our site. Don't like it? Fuck off. This site costs us a fortune in both time and money to run, we do it for free, and we don't owe you a god damn thing.
If you see the uploader rules we do not condone any form of racism, but since you don't seem capable of doing anything more than jumping up and down screaming rather than TELLING US WHERE IT IS, there's pretty much FUCK ALL WE CAN DO ABOUT IT. I'm *NOT* going to sit here and go through 5 thousand images to find one comment. Perhaps you ought to read the old FRONT PAGE news post I made about racism here? []
In one breath, you bitch at us that we promote and don't censor racism, and with the next you scream about censorship? You are a hypocrite and a moron, get fucked.
Posted by: hoodlum [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 29, 2004 11:06AM
I second that motion.
Posted by: allan [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 29, 2004 02:51PM
pulse someone is still trying to use my name to post shit.If you can find the Bastard ban his ass ok by me ALLAN
Posted by: DarkKlown [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 29, 2004 08:38PM
allan: register your name if you don't want people abusing it.
Posted by: geezer [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 30, 2004 02:58AM
WOW!!!Pulse, you make me hot with all that cursing and screaming're a pistol. LMAO
Posted by: craig [x] - (62.252.64.---)
Date: November 30, 2004 03:54PM
Pulse, you rock dude. Dont put up with this Poser's shit. He thinks he's Billy-bad-ass cause he found a place on Earth where people might listen to him. Is this guy hosbro also therealhosbro, hozbro, hazbro, and mung? It'd be nice to know. Keep this site real.
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