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Posted by: ElmerFudd [x] - (202.138.194.---)
Date: November 14, 2003 01:21AM
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Posted by: 9ll [x] - (203.94.167.---)
Date: November 14, 2003 02:01AM
Is this for real? Thats a pretty crazy house regardless!
Posted by: june [x] - (203.177.19.---)
Date: January 19, 2004 03:25AM
He is a God!!! He's my idol anyway...
Posted by: june [x] - (203.177.19.---)
Date: January 19, 2004 03:26AM
He is a God!!! He's my idol anyway...
Posted by: Nikki [x] - (198.81.26.---)
Date: January 21, 2004 06:17PM
Wish I could get a personal tour of this house!!
Posted by: BI [x] - (216.173.206.---)
Date: January 29, 2004 08:13PM
The noise from those takeoffs must be deafening.
Posted by: Alan [x] - (172.185.122.---)
Date: February 02, 2004 10:54PM
Love that house. Jhon is in control
Does he have sound proof windows,wall's
Posted by: fatguy47 [x] - (68.64.31.---)
Date: February 14, 2004 05:37PM
I'm glad for rich people. They make jobs for the rest of us, and many people made paychecks off this house! You go, John!! You deserve it!
Posted by: FVG [x] - (200.225.194.---)
Date: February 16, 2004 03:16AM
He is not home, because the helicopter isn't in it's place... hehehehe
Posted by: Max [x] - (207.237.228.---)
Date: February 19, 2004 04:50PM
LOL for the last one ,-)))
Posted by: cookie [x] - (203.145.159.---)
Date: February 21, 2004 05:09AM
it is wonderful
Posted by: emma [x] - (209.52.195.---)
Date: February 27, 2004 07:03PM
it's too much and not enough trees
Posted by: Neobeam [x] - (82.145.158.---)
Date: February 29, 2004 11:03PM
Hehe, nice to see that someone finally bought my old house tongue sticking out smiley
Posted by: DrGnFLYdSw [x] - (67.33.223.---)
Date: March 02, 2004 03:58AM
Wow,John wish it was me there sharing this beautiful home with ya. I love you....... Lord only knows that you deserve this, you have worked sooo... hard for it! You are awesome!!! Not to mention handsome as heck.
Posted by: WanderWomn [x] - (67.33.223.---)
Date: March 02, 2004 04:01AM
Not enough trees? Wow there are tons of trees!! Welp this is great!!! I Love You John!!!!
Posted by: Leo Clarke [x] - (195.92.168.---)
Date: March 09, 2004 08:28AM
To John Travolta Can we play Football all play
I amey allwad Go To the Shops
can Dogs came to your House
Haw old Jett Travolta
My Dog Spotty at His Name
Can Daniel Evans came Shelly and Richie
Lee and Derek or Hal My Bigger Brother my Parents
From Leo Clarke 13 Year 8 can Lee Adams and Sean Adams and Callum Robinson and Stephen O ;Hanlon Michael O ; Hanlon Alex Sutton Martin Sutton Kim Sutton Poppy Clarke Lily Clarke Rosey Clarke My Nan is in wallchare for MS Deazes She a Long Time a go Frank and Nodea Were the Good Guys I am not Superman Not Gran Dad Geoge Swies
Pubs Painted the Nafe at Mum Cand Had the Police out
Posted by: Reemster [x] - (213.93.128.---)
Date: March 09, 2004 10:51PM
Wicked house dude. Wish I could see the runway as well.
Posted by: gobbo [x] - (212.158.247.---)
Date: March 11, 2004 02:34PM
imagine the view as you come up the drive smiling smiley
Posted by: OMGOMGOMG [x] - (212.158.247.---)
Date: March 14, 2004 11:05AM
Posted by: Moo [x] - (130.231.169.---)
Date: March 14, 2004 12:56PM
Looks like a normal airport to me
Posted by: tweek [x] - (212.158.247.---)
Date: March 20, 2004 05:59PM
john travolta mek nakka fyklarn nstuhj jydam
Posted by: ayman [x] - (217.139.194.---)
Date: March 21, 2004 11:34AM
there is much ways to spend millions of bucks than having ur own airport idiot!
ppl are dying from hunger around the world
Posted by: phersh [x] - (212.158.247.---)
Date: March 24, 2004 12:48AM
what's that matter when you can park your boeing in your house?
Posted by: johnny [x] - (212.158.247.---)
Date: March 24, 2004 12:09PM
john i love you! i want your baby!
Posted by: joseph verghese [x] - (202.138.112.---)
Date: March 27, 2004 06:21AM
great i too will build something like this in 10 years from now

joseph verghese payapilil
Posted by: tosh [x] - (210.148.108.---)
Date: March 27, 2004 09:06AM
wahahha!Iam japanist
Posted by: sandeep [x] - (61.16.152.---)
Date: April 01, 2004 05:21AM
It's not stupidity it's hobby.... nice home

Posted by: this is good [x] - (61.16.152.---)
Date: April 01, 2004 05:25AM
very nice home
Posted by: rraaaaahulllll [x] - (203.124.158.---)
Date: April 02, 2004 09:18AM
yed zav pana aahe ha, chyamari kay kam dhande nahit ka hya john la
Posted by: Poep [x] - (81.204.208.---)
Date: April 10, 2004 08:42PM
He's rich fucking asol
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