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Can't afford health care

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Can't afford health care

Comments for: Can't afford health care
Loner Report This Comment
Date: February 10, 2020 06:52PM

Ah, let's see where we line up (these are all views about the USA):
Healthcare - We can't afford it because people don't take care of themselves(not saying that I do) AND are selfish, i.e. will gladly mooch off of other people until the hoes come home.
Infrastructure - Can't afford not to. But we can do a better job at these projects (and maybe Trump is just the guy to pull that off, in spite of how much people don't like him), or we can do the usual and be wasteful fuck-heads.
Public Transport - Targeted only. None of that ridiculous California bullshit. ROI. Probably could be lumped in with Infrastructure.
Education - Methods and practices, curriculum, funding, need to be rethought. As a negotiating starting point, fire all the teachers and give all of that property tax money back. Take charge of your own education.
Renewable Energy - Yes. But that needs to be thought through better. And we're not getting rid of fossil fuels any time soon without killing a lot of people. Having said that, as Elon Musk has pointed out it's (carbon) virtually impossible to put it back.
Clean Environment - Duh. Shouldn't be a separate topic.
Feeding the poor - 10% of the population have an IQ under 83 (there are a few methods to measure intelligence but I'll stick with IQ). Add there are the otherwise intelligent people with unfortunate gaps(which help to cause them to fail in various ways) and the mental health problems and yeah, that's a big one. AND NO ONE KNOWS what the hell to do about it. And taking all of Jeff Bezos' money away is way too short term.
Public Elections - I don't know where this "Anonymous" is from, but in a general sense in the USA we're good.
Wars - If you think about it (and I don't know what the break-down is) the 'war' part of Iraq and Afghanistan were a success. It was the 'staying there' bullshit that was the problem. It did seem to me at the time that the Bush administration was trying way too hard to sell the Iraq war.
Wall Street Bailouts - Yeah, fuck 'em. We never should have gotten rid of Glass-Steagall.
Big Oil Subsidies - Only 37.5 billion? America farts 37.5B. Still needs to be reviewed case-by-case.
F-35 - Sorry. F-35 seems OK. We still have to watch the pocket book. There are way too many bad actors. We have to remain bad ass.

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