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Hurricane Irma

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Hurricane Irma

Comments for: Hurricane Irma
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: September 09, 2017 01:11PM

Looks like that fucker's gonna rip Florida a new one. And, there's still 2 more ginnin around out in the ocean.

My boss and I were talkin the other day and I mentioned how you cats in Oz called 'em cyclones and he said that's because they rotate backwards of what our hurricanes do. Learn somethin new every day (*binladen*)

fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: September 09, 2017 02:04PM


this is the reality of the recent "disasters"
woberto Report This Comment
Date: September 09, 2017 08:22PM

quasi - "I can see my house!"
pulse Report This Comment
Date: September 10, 2017 06:07AM

Yup. Also our drains drain clockwise compared to you guys.

Planet eh?

Wonder how drains work at the equator...
Fat Aussie Bastard Report This Comment
Date: September 15, 2017 04:57AM

This is one time where I'm happy for America to say "Ours are bigger than yours!"
Good, you can fucking have it. We don't want to end up with a whole neighborhood of lootin' thievin' niggas
breaking into our homes as well.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: September 15, 2017 11:12PM

Although Irma was larger, Harvey that hit Texas and Louisiana and milled around the coast for a week did a shit load more damage. The storm surge from Harvey when it hit came in at 15'/5 meters high, compared to Irmas 2'. Also, Harvey dropped over 4 feet of rain.

People in Florida were out and about sweepin up the free branches and shit in a cuppla days while there were whole towns along our coast that pretty much just don't exist any more. Gonna take years for the Texas gulf coast to return to normal and surely some places were so devastated they may never be rebuilt.

I LOVE the coast, feel complete when I'm there. Nothin like walkin down the beach in the mornin with a cuppa joe and just soakin in the wind and water. But, I know I'll never live there sad smiley

quasi Report This Comment
Date: September 18, 2017 06:59PM

After going to South Carolina to get away from a direct hit from Irma, my son and I returned last Thursday to find our homes intact though I was without power 'til this afternoon. We dodged a bullet here when Irma sucked in a bunch of dry air after leaving Cuba then turning slightly east of us. Many inland communities are reeling from the damage and in some small fishing communities south of here where the eye came ashore people are dying and having limbs amputated from infections brought on by trying to clean up in the tainted waters left behind. Yeah, it's real picnic compared to Texas.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: September 19, 2017 01:56PM

Death toll from Irma in Florida 42
Death toll from Harvey in Texas 82

Wow man, since turnin all libocrat on us facts just don't seem to bother you at all anymore huh Q man?
fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: September 19, 2017 02:21PM

i'd say the 2 hurricanes are hard to compare, because they are both, kinda sorta, different animals affecting different circumstances. the flooding of Harvey is almost unheard of, whereas the emptying of bays in Florida pushing all the water inland and out the other side is quite an amazing phenomenon. harvey was dumping rain for a week or more, and Irma (in Florida) was over in 2 days....basically
i hate using death tolls to decide the intensity or level of damage, but prefer to use the after effects as a better guide, and i think Houston (and south) might have that title.
fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: September 19, 2017 09:28PM

on the flip side, if Maria hits Florida....Quasi wins.....sorta
pulse Report This Comment
Date: September 20, 2017 04:40AM


I think both sound pretty fucked. You should come here. We have BBQ places too!