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nfinite Positive Creativity

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nfinite Positive Creativity

Comments for: nfinite Positive Creativity
fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: September 09, 2012 01:46PM

There are 3 Master Numbers in Numerology. (11, 22 and 33)
11 represents the VISION.
22 represents ACTION.
33 combines 11 and 22, and brings GUIDANCE to All. 33 is the Master Teacher/Master Healer.

If your Life Path is #33...
Mission to build and teach according to your particular gifts.
As with All Souls, the owners of Master Numbers have a challenge to meet in living up their extraordinary potential.
Significant Adventures in Growth usually fall through turmoil, tests and trauma.
The Number 33 offers guidance to the world

Important Facts about the number 33....
Jesus was 33 years old when he was crucified
Jesus performed 33 miracles
Prince William is getting married on April 29th (4+29=33)
33 is the highest degree in Freemasonry
Amen has a numeric value of 33.
Pope John Paul I had a 33 day reign.
King David reigned for 33 years.
God is mentioned 33 times in English version of Genesis.
Jacob had 33 children
St Peter's Basilica is built based on the number 33.
The Number 33 is Christ Consciousness/ ultimate attainment of consciousness.
South Korea Population=33 Million
The lowest temperature at which water may remain in liquid form is 33 degrees F.
There are thirty-three species in three families of seals.
Most birds' eggs gestate in 33 days.
The raven produces 33 distinct sounds.
There are 33 vertebrae in the human spine
Ideal Sleep is 8 Hours or 33.3% of 24 Hours.
Feb 2, Ground Hogs Day is the 33rd Day of the Year..Counting backwards from 365, it is the 333rd day.

Facts about the 33rd Parallel.
The First Nuclear Bomb Tested-Trinity Site, New Mexico.
Hiroshima + Nagasaki, Japan on 33 degrees.
E.T Crash-Roswell, New Mexico
Atlanta(tis?) is located on 33 degrees
Los Angeles is located on 33 degrees
Charleston, South Carolina on 33 degrees- First Home of the Council of 33 Degree Masonic Lodge.
Bermuda Triangle
Modern day Iraq where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers come closest together
Baghdad, Iraq is at 33°33'N
Africanized killer bees will not nest above the 33rd parallel.
and much more...
kor312 Report This Comment
Date: September 10, 2012 03:34PM

hallo fossil digger,
i was enlightened many times in my life but i can only remember 3 special of them.

i was a young boy about 10 or 11. after a adventerous time around the house i went into my parents bedroom and just layed down on the bed. dunno how long i was laying there, just starring at the upper wall. maybe 5 or 15 minutes. but suddenly i felt something strange. my arms and my legs began to tingle and they felt very heavy and i could not move. i was getting a tunnel vision and the walls began to move. implode and expand ( sry, my iniglish is bad :-) - the walls moved in and out...
dont know how long i was lying there but ive totally lost my sense of time.. could have been 30 minutes or just 1 minute.
i will never forget this !!! i just stood up and moved on with my life and never thought of this until i was a young man.
ive gone through a cannabis addiciton and now i know it was very similar to smoking weed what i have felt there. just more intense and very confusing. it confuses me very much when i thing about it these days.
ive seen a documentary about thc thaty says all humans have special receptors to handle thc. like hardcoded into our genes. yeah i think i was having a hardcore drug trip without even taking drugs as a child.
me and my buddy (r.i.p daniel) were on a nice meadow smoking the bong. we took a couple of killer hits and then i started to philosophize...
i told my friend.. hey ! imagine ... where we are sitting right now ... dinosaurs and ppl were walking here ober such a long time. plants rised and dyied. everything changed. imagine !!!
and then it hit me. i closed my eyes. and i saw an image of the earth from outta space. it hit me so hard i will never forget this. i saw this image and immediately i felt LOVE. it was like this earht i saw was sending love directly into my heart. it felt so good !!! from this time i know that the earth we live on, has a personality... it is living !!! its not just simply a ball with live on it... it lives by itself ! it is living...
in scool one teacher was talking about the creating of the universe and he was talking about the big bang.
was the first time i heard of this theory. i thought about it a lot and one time it struck me like thunder.i was thinking about the sense of life and about the WHY ! why is all the matter around me formed like it is. it seemed so perfect. MILLIONS of years of preparation just for this moment where everything is like made for me. where does it come from ? and again i felt a straight rush of love through my whole body/brain. felt so good !!! i thought further about the beginning, the bigbang.. and all i saw inside my head was a white light everywhere... it was just white -. no darkness. only white. and all i felt was peace inside of me. peace. freedown and peace, thats all. no crazy explanations, no rules. just a plain good feeling.
now back to earth.
what am i going to do with this ??? i became an alcoholic. killing the pain is everything i can do.
this earth is so much away from what i have seen and felt. its a horrible place for me and most of the ppl who live here.
wtf is wrong with people?. i dont want to care .... the only things that keeps me moving are PUSSY and MONEY !!
sounds cheap i know, but i cannot help but to play the game...
life is a cruel game !!! nothing but a game !
the ppl with big money are those who are fucking up everything.... i have no money..
why am - i the one to care
greetings to you fossil digger.
when i was a young boy, i wanted to be an archeologist . there is a lot truth hidden under the dirt ! ;-)
BlahX3 Report This Comment
Date: September 11, 2012 10:35AM