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Comments for: Diggertastic
fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: August 19, 2011 09:10PM

6 speed 3.7 performance package black on black. (matrix)
woberto Report This Comment
Date: August 19, 2011 11:10PM

Pffftt! That Volvo 240 in the background would kick it's arse totally

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fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: August 19, 2011 11:26PM

i'll take that bet!
pro_junior Report This Comment
Date: August 19, 2011 11:27PM

sticker in lower right of windshield...military, or TX inspection sticker? you still have the inspections there? yearly or 2-yearly? or?
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: August 20, 2011 12:51AM

PJ, our license and inspection stickers are both annual and applied to the lower left of the drivers side of the windshield. I "think" all new cars are given a 2yr inspection sticker when they're sold, or maybe it's an option for the buyer, or somethin like that. I've never had a new car, nor do I expect to, so .... (headexplode)

woberto Report This Comment
Date: August 20, 2011 12:53AM

Volvo 242
pro_junior Report This Comment
Date: August 21, 2011 04:13PM

Kim do you think its a good or bad thing? we have emissions testing here in Clark County, WA...they did a study about our air quality and found there has been no change since implementing the e-testing 20+ years ago...handjobobviously its really about revenue...
however I did like the idea of the annual inspection as it could draw needed attention to potential problems that modren miss cookie-baker/soccer-moms et al might be oblivious to...
fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: August 21, 2011 04:28PM

i just failed an inspection because my backup lights weren't working. (*finger2*)
i'm wondering if they knew that i wanted that Mustang so bad i'd trade it off for something so trivial? smiling
bouncing smiley

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Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: August 21, 2011 04:57PM

I go back and forth on the inspections deal. Here in the larger counties they have implemented dyno tests where they run the cars at road speeds and do emissions testing "at speed", which more than triples the inspection costs ($50) and initially cut many people out of the inspection business as it required them to invest $50k for the dynos to even be able to perform inspections, then of course their inspectors had to be re-educated and re-certified

In smaller counties like mine inspections do not include the dyno tests and are just $15, which I at least view as more reasonable.

Is it all a matter of governmental control and revenue increasing policy? Yeah kinda, but more for the inspectors than the state as all inspection stations are privately owned, not state owned.

Do these inspections also keep some less than safe cars off the road, yes! Even in my county a cars brakes, tires, all lights and wiper blades have to measure up, which seems relevant to the overall populaces safety as it enforces compliance with what is essentially important for a car to navigate the roads.

However, this really all takes away the individual responsibility for each driver to maintain their vehicles properly, creates a bureaucracy within the state (which DOES add costs to EVERY state taxpayer) to oversee and enforce what I see should be the responsibility of the owner. It would actually be more logical to me that individual vehicle operators should be individually liable if their cars are the cause of or involved in wrecks when the equipment is shown to be improperly maintained and to have caused the accidents of contributed to the severity of them in the 1st place.

As the law now stands, so long as a car involved in an accident has a valid inspection, the vehicular condition is not admissable as part of the cause of an accident if it winds up in court. This means even if a driver swaps tires so he can get an inspection (or the tires at the time of inspection were marginal and over the course of the year would no longer pass inspection), his brakes are not maintained and actually were less than good, even these can not be part of the legal process in accidents so long as a valid sticker is in place, which seems overall unreasonable thumbs up


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fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: August 21, 2011 05:01PM

it's all about insurance companies minimizing risk...their own. (*finger2*)
it has shit to do with emissions control.
BlahX3 Report This Comment
Date: August 21, 2011 07:51PM

In Oregon (a so called "green" state - haha!) they don't do emissions testing or any vehicle testing at all but sure as hell pull you over for a light out. Once I got pulled over for one of two rear plate lamps out. You could still read the plate fine. It is also not a specific legal requirement to have working backup lights, however you can still get ticketed for having insufficient lighting on a highway if you happen to back out onto the road without backup lights. It is legally required to have a working horn.

Once my wife got pulled over in a beater Subaru because the driver side headlamp lens had a big hole on the side of it. It wasn't at night either but the cop was sure that headlamp was dead and didn't believe her when she said it worked just fine until she turned them on and sure enough worked just fine. He shrugged and said well I'll be, laughed and said have a good day ma'am.
fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: August 21, 2011 09:57PM

he pulled her over because he thought she looked hot...but had to let her go.

you're welcome Anon. grinning
fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: August 21, 2011 10:03PM

sorry man, i couldn't resist that one. Dancing
Green Banana!
BlahX3 Report This Comment
Date: August 21, 2011 10:16PM

Thanks (I think) and haha. Please don't bait the fuckhead, you bastard.

I think he pulled her over because there are a lot of county cops here for such a low population and they are either bored, have quotas or for some reason are anal about headlights and crap like that. If you have a headlight out in this area and don't get it working within a couple of days you WILL get stopped. They also hope to bust people for drugs and DUII at every opportunity and will use ANY excuse to pull anyone over. There are also a lot old busy-body nosy old fucks that call 911 on their cells when ever they see someone go over the fog line once. A guy got tracked down to a parking lot 1/2 hour after some old biddy called the cops because he reportedly was "weaving" on the road. The cop told him him he smelled pot and wanted to search his car and the guy told him to get a warrant. He's an older gent and never took a toke in his life. I think the cop was probably smelling his own upper lip.