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Bentley 2016

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Bentley 2016

Comments for: Bentley 2016
woberto Report This Comment
Date: June 30, 2016 06:29AM

Bentley pulled an ad off youtube because one man complained that it promoted unsafe driving and speeding.
Ad featured Australian racing legend John Bowe driving a $428,000 Bentley at up to 330 kilometres an hour on the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory.
SpazzII Report This Comment
Date: June 30, 2016 07:42AM

Yes it's a very nice car but! $428,000 Bentley ????? Why?? Who prices this stuff?
woberto Report This Comment
Date: July 01, 2016 02:54AM

Yeah but that's ONLY $319,000 in US Dollars! Bargain!
Of course in Australia, that $428,000 price includes $100,000 worth of tax for the Government.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: July 01, 2016 10:26AM

Cool as it is, if I had that kinda cheddar to invest in a trick ride, this one wouldn make the cut. Only ones with fender badges like Ferarri, Lamborghini, McLaren, or GT, would make my short list.

Speakin of which, I was thoroughly impressed when Ford managed to pull out a class win at LeMans with their all new Ecoboost 3.5l V-6 powered GT smiling
pulse Report This Comment
Date: July 01, 2016 11:46AM

The new GT is quite nice looking

I'd probably take something with a McLaren badge over Ferrari; always been a McLaren fan and as odd a thing as it is to say, they're far rarer than the other mob.

That said if you offered me a free 458 then ...

My wife is the only one around here that gets new cars..
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: July 01, 2016 11:40PM

Here's an interesting piece of automotive trivia .... did you know Bruce McLaren drove one of the 3 Ford GT-40s that famously placed 1,2 and 3 at LeMans in '66?

Yeah, I'd be happy w/any of the ones I mentioned but the McLaren does hold a special appeal for me as well. It would still be a hard choice between the McLaren and a GT though. That GT just ozzes sex appeal and gee whiz technology all at the same time smiling
pulse Report This Comment
Date: July 02, 2016 01:10AM

Importantly it looks like they've fixed the door; the previous GT had the door lip at the top which was part of the roof of the car; when Jeremy Clarkson (ex Top Gear) ordered his, they did a thing on the show where he pulled up between 2 cars and couldn't get out, because he couldn't open the door far enough with the roof coming out with the door.

Fortunately they haven't done that this time, that was a serious design flaw.

I did know Bruce drove the GT; an amazing car, but I do have a bit of badge snobbery going on. I couldn't spend that kind of money on a Ford (and I'm not anti ford Holden lover like many Australian's; my first 2 cars were Fords).

But yeah, it is sexy as hell, but .. for that cash.. that badge.. Maybe I really have become a snob, but I'm buying something European for that price; expected to be "a bit below" the price of the Ferrari 458 - I'd have to take the 458.

I need a proper car again.