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The largest silver nugget ever discovered

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The largest silver nugget ever discovered

Comments for: The largest silver nugget ever discovered
Hephaestion Report This Comment
Date: March 07, 2004 04:57AM

SANDON, BRITISH COLUMBIA— On July 14, 1892, James W. Cockle and his partner discovered the largest single nugget of galena— also known as a piece of “float”— ever found to this day. At 7-1/2 feet long, 3 feet wide and nine feet high, it weighed 120 tons.
Elated with their discovery, the two men staked the “Morning Sun” claim on the spot where they found the float, which was soon christened The Big Boulder. Flush with visions of future wealth, they sold The Big Boulder for $2,000 to a Minneapolis man who intended to exhibit it at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Instead, it was broken up and shipped to US smelters, with the purchaser making a profit of over $20,000.
Unfortunately for Cockle and his partner, however, The Big Boulder had actually rolled downhill hundreds of years before. More experienced prospectors who traced it to its original source found that it had originated on the “Slocan Star” claim, which was to become one of the richest mines in the area.
Cockle eventually gave up prospecting and became a fruit-farmer in Kaslo, but news of his fantastic discovery— complete with this photograph— was soon being printed in newspapers as far away as California and England. The excitement soon reached a fever pitch, and before long thousands upon thousands of men began to descend on the fabulous Silvery Slocan.
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pokey Report This Comment
Date: April 29, 2004 06:29PM

I'm rich, biatch!!!
Hard in Harlem Report This Comment
Date: June 21, 2004 01:27AM

Unreal and wonderful history!!
BruceD Report This Comment
Date: February 28, 2006 10:36AM

Actually, I am pretty sure the largest silver nugget was found outside of Aspen Colorado, just before the Silver market went bust. To even get the nugget out of the mine they had to break it into three larger pieces.