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Re: Image comments for Jesus will fix it
Posted by: Peter Puller
Date: 29/05/2022 06:16AM
Best I can figure is that if it doesn't happen to you, it doesn't matter to you. If it's YOUR kid, then suddenly you give a fuck. That would explain Ted Cruz among other idiots who say 'this is a tragedy' then do nothing to stop it and everything to make it happen again.

The illustration (when not annoying me with the missing punctuation) reminds me of Dennis Miller's joke about how he was on a plane with a Christian group and it bothered him that he was the only one who cared whether the plane crashed, since everyone else believed that if they die they go to Heaven. The premise of the poem seems too simple: "it's fine if some nutcase kills me because I'll go to Jesus!" No, it's not fine, no matter what lofty things you say about what comes next!

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