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Re: Image comments for Jesus will fix it
Posted by: Anon
Date: 29/05/2022 05:19AM
Whomever uploaded this, and wants to exploit Jesus, see my comment (the first and currently only one) on this link:


Now I'll add to it, just for you:

Back in the Cold War yank media began preaching, to the effect, that God is love and love is cheap. Later, and I think it's connected, Washington announced all religions are their geopolitical tools, for them to adjust as they see fit. Thus there are yanks who think they will go to heaven just because they are yanks, or just because they are white.

Neither of those two reasons are in the Bible.

My suggestions:

+ dump pretend English for the Queen's English, and that means adopting a British dictionary;

+ Ideas direct events, events affect people.

The first idea:

Either God made man or man made up God to fool the gullible, there are no other types of God.

If God made man you are accountable.

If God is made up to fool the gullible then you can do to the one who trusts you, or is weaker than you, what you want (if you have a gun or not). And you are not accountable.

The second idea:

Either we are all descendants of one man, and so the distinctions are culture, behaviour, intelligence and influence, or God made 'that group' separately.

If descendants of one man, then we are all born equal, less genetic or birth defects (accidents), and culture, behaviour, intelligence and influence become distinguishing characteristics over time.

If God made 'that group' separately, then naturally 'your group' (Nazis, Judaists, Winnie Mandela...) is superior, and you can do something about it.

Regards the first idea:

If God made man then those in power are accountable. So too are leaders, such as those with marketing budgets and clergy.

If man made up God to fool the gullible, then those who are trusted, or strong, do what they want.

And of course, if all religions are yank geopolitical tools, then its made up. Yanks are living with the consequences of that and 'banning guns' won't change anything.

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