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Re: Image comments for Remember Biden did NOT "do that" to the fuel pumps
Posted by: Peter Puller
Date: 20/05/2022 08:20PM
Todd, honey, there's a difference between "price fixing" and fixing prices. Anyone who knows how life goes is aware that that if a cartel CAN bilk you, they WILL, and it's up to the people or the government or whatever oversight exists to prevent them from getting away with it. If you need a proof on that, consider why we have a minimum wage and a 40 hour work week -- because companies felt they could pay less and work you more, and someone had to change that.

FYI: saw an article online yesterday saying that Verizon Wireless is raising their rates. Justification? Because AT&T raised their rates. That's it. I'm sure their costs are up like everything else, but the reason given by VZW was: because our competition is doing it. I am hoping T-Mobile holds the line.

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