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Re: Image comments for Compensating
Posted by: Mrkim
Date: 03/06/2020 03:23AM
For starters let me apologize to all the readers here who have come to know my typical MO. The above tirade/reply is not my typical response. Though we as humans all have our breaking point, Quasi surely found mine and the resultant response is poignant in that it shows where that point lies.

Anyone wanting to point towards how we southerners have welcomed the yankee interlopers with welcome arms into our fold while at the same time expecting embracement of the self same garbage politics and policies that ran them out of their own home states into the welcoming arms of the southern states is so full of shit that only a look at their brown eyes is all that's required to understand their BS is less than self righteous.

This will be my last direct response to those like Quasi as all hope is apparently lost in addressing them anyway:

"Best of luck to you choom"

BTW a study of Robert Heinleins works might be helpful in undertstanding the meaning of that message

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