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Re: Image comments for Compensating
Posted by: Mrkim
Date: 30/05/2020 04:32PM
"Tell you what, I live in a stand your ground state and if they step on my property packing they'll find themselves on the wrong end of a gun. That's what gun rights are for, not parading around wearing them like expensive bling to get some attention."

The above says all anyone needs to know to "get" your point while making the case for what I said at the exact same time.

You're in total agreement with the gun laws and rights the Constitution and your home state provide so you choose to support them, yet in the case of others who utilize their constitutional and state rights in a peaceful manner you choose to deride them simply because they don't meet YOUR approval.

This IS what makes you an anathema to our nation Q man. You're only willing to support the rights YOU deem valid which puts you squarely on the side of all the anti-American bleeding heart whiny libs.

Here's a perfect example of a scenario that makes my point.

In the US it's been adjudicated that defacing or even burning a US flag is within any citizens rights. I 100% disagree with any such practice as I find it disrespectful to the flag of my nation. However, I do understand it's within the rights of all Americans to do so and as such I would even be willing to defend ones right to do so simply because it's a legal right of any citizen to do so.

Does this mean I agree with their actions? Nope, it just means that such an act is within their legal rights to do so, even when the act itself sickens me, I'm still willing to support that right.

Does it mean I'm going to photoshop dildos into a pic of them defacing an American flag in an attempt to demean them or their character because I disagree with what they're doing? No

You on the other hand are only willing to support what YOU deem as a persons rights, regardless of the legality of their actions and then openly demean and deface the character of anyone you disagree with.

To 'bertos linked article : had I the time or inclination I could certainly pen an article in absolute refutation to what the author of the Forbes article wrote and base it just as surely on psychological reasoning.

Psychology is such a malleable basis to form an argument for or against anything that any point can be supported if the right tools/wording are judiciously applied nerd smiley

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