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Re: Image comments for Compensating
Posted by: Mrkim
Date: 30/05/2020 05:39AM
"It's okay, 'berto, I triggered the whiners when I made fun of these guys for looking like the dicks they are."

If citing citizens legal rights to protest, legal gun owners rights, and the combining of the 2 rights equates to whining then all I can say is Q man, your train of logic has run completely off the rails.

"Let 'em cry."

Cry for what? Freedom from the perverted sense of justice you social justice - eco warrior types are willing to bestow upon legal, peaceful protests simply because you disagree with them utilizing their rights in a peaceful manner?

Dude, welcome to the world of the walking, breathing punchline known as the liberally unhinged masses to whom no constitutionally granted rights are acknowledged unless YOU deem them to be such (*facepalm*)

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