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Re: Image comments for Compensating
Posted by: Mrkim
Date: 05/05/2020 11:18PM
Qman, I found it such a freeing thing years ago when my give-a-shit finally broke in regards to what anyone thinks of me, my ideas, how I choose to live or how I think.

Anyone who would be "my buddy" would understand the above.

BTW, chest pounding about how you disagree with what these cats did or where they chose to do it dudn make it any less lawful, nor do I imagine they much give a shit what cowering nancies think either.

I'll always agree with anyones right to participate in constitutionally guaranteed actions, even when I stand in total opposition to what it is they're doing.

You on the other hand stand ready to demean and debase anyone who fails to embrace your own thoughts on right and wrong and constitutionality plays no part in your decisions hot smiley

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