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Re: Image comments for Compensating
Posted by: Mrkim
Date: 05/05/2020 08:43PM
Sheesh pulse, how many times are we gonna go round this same bush?

"Does it matter how many they shot?"

Well, I'd think the answer to that question would be a firm yes because the answer is Zero, Nada, Zip.

The point here is these lawful gun owners did nothing at all to harm or even intimidate anyone. Oh wait, I forget some people wanna piss their pants when they see a gun in public. 'Course that's their issue and not a legal or societal precedent. Bottom line, they harmed no one, end of story.

"It was a protest for returning to work wasn't it? Nothing to do with rights to carry guns."

So I assume you inferred by the above statement that because they were protesting while also legally carrying their weapons there's something intrinsically wrong in doing both simultaneously? Not sure what point you're making other than you think they should not do both at once. Might I remind you that's simply a subjective personalized position to hold and not one any law abiding citizen here is required to agree, much less comply with.

"Also, how can you possibly get inside a government building carrying assault weapons without being shot? What does that say about security? If you want to stage a terrorist attack, just walk up with machine guns because you'll be let straight in?"

Here we go again with the whole "assault weapon" BS line of attack. To be classified as an assault weapon it must be a weapon w/a multi round clip capacity and have a selectable fire rate between single rounds, semi-automatic and fully automatic modes of operation. Of course the sale of new fully automatic weapons has been outlawed since 1986 in the US. And, if a person is licensed to legally possess a fully automatic weapon they have to have passed an extensive back ground check, paid a small fortune for the license and then also pay for a stamp that allows them to then own the gun. The price of the tax stamp mentioned varies but hovers around $10,000.00 for EACH fully automatic weapon an owner has.

Given the above it's highly unlikely any of these gun owners were carrying fully automatic machine guns.

In all likelihood they were just gun owners practicing their legal right to carry their semi automatic weapons in public and YOU just don't like that.

Again, that's a matter of opinion and you certainly have a right to hold it. However, your right to your opinion doesn't superceed their right to brandish legal weapons in public either, so just get over it man (*facepalm*)

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