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Re: Image comments for Fuck you again, America.
Posted by: jgoins
Date: 28/07/2017 07:49AM
"walking around town and something happens and you lose it".

How many times does this actually happen in real life? Out of 315 million people in the US, how many actually just lose it and how many of them are armed at the time? What percentage of the population legally owns or carries a pistol actually use that weapon to murder someone? I am not talking about legal self defense either.

Just trying to remove one method of murder does nothing to eliminate the cause of murder.

In actuality with the amount of guns available in the US how would you be able to remove them and not leave them available for criminals to use?

What laws can be passed to prevent criminals from using guns in their crimes?

Why is everybody only trying to remove guns from law abiding citizens?

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