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Re: Image comments for 2003 Mustang Cobra 1,[email protected] 26lbs, twin turbo, turbo 400, 55k miles. -Dallas Tx
Posted by: Mrkim
Date: 08/01/2017 10:31AM
Yeah the NRE TT packages are uber-sweet but ... they also start at just shy of what this cat is sellin his whole car for.

Had a buddy in Ohio that had $150k earmarked to build a hot rod and wanted to drop one of these into a '69 AMX and we had worked through much of the early pre-build parameters lining out the right tranny, rear end and such about 4yrs ago. The plan was for me to head up there and spend a few months stayin at his place as we put it all together.

Mark's a crazy fucker and we were gonna have a blast doin the work, but ... his crazy ex managed to get into his bank account and wiped out all the fun $$ before we ever got started.

Cops showed up at his place w/a stack of hot checks she'd written on their closed joint account and gave him 10 days to settle 'em or they were gonna drag him off to the pokey. Seems they couldn find her, but knew right where he was and it havin been a joint account, well, you get the picture.

When it was all over about all he could do was (*butt*) and ask 'em to please use the "unsanded" vaseline before stickin it in.

smoking smiley

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