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Re: Image comments for Mons pubis
Posted by: -------------------------------------------------------
Date: 22/09/2012 11:09PM
Severina Vuckovic was doing : Sunbatheing at her favorite : Beach !! When suddenly she donned uponly realized the : Thingy Thongy :handjob wasn't put on by her , Sheeeesh !!(*finger4*) The Marilyn Cole (*binladen*)Sunbathed Bikini Thingy , Si , Si ,(*horse*) was at Servie's : Condo (*pepsi*#!! Sev the : Thuh #*clown2*)Dumb Boddy Bod : had on her : DKNY - Special !! Hotty Hot , And Not Tanning Must Come : Doffed , Bitchy (*pepsi*#!! Servie Must become an : Nudey #headexplode#!! She can't be an : Clotheshorse #banana#, Likened : #matrix)Late Mother Theresa !!star wars fighting Servie is thinking of wearing it , Si , Si, !!(*pullover*) T'was not an : Si, Si , !! But an handjobsticky situation (*clown2*#!!#*finger2*) She'd be getting hot and bothered and hot and stillll bothered !!handjob Servie's sweaty and wetty !! Remedy : Her's fanning : and handjob baiting her muster by hand is the way in geting it like an : Air Cool Engine , Servie , Thuh Airhead , Thusly : Si, Si, still : Masterbaiting !! Severina likes to ride , : Bareback on her Barebutt , Alas , with her arse on her hot smileyhorse's handjobbareback , (*binladen*#! Yowzer !1!#headexplode) Servie still anah Ditz und still : Airhead !1(*finger5*)(*finger6*) Send : Occupation Bedtyme Story : Sunshine And Denis , BEECH ! : HAWAII !! Get More Teeeeeeeeeeeeeth !!monty smiles

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