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Re: Image comments for fantasy it is
Posted by: brokntoad
Date: 22/12/2009 01:40AM
Does no one on here play Fantasy Football?

The point of this pic was that I played almost all Chiefs against the Steelers and won. I wasnt going to make playoffs so...

You get so many pts for how many yards received, ran and touchdowns. 1 for 10 yrds running, 1 for 25 yards rec/passing 6 for TD -2 for a fumble lost or pick, kickers get whatever they score 1 or 3, defenses get points for sacks, return yards and TDs fumbles recovered and picks and for how many points the other team scores (after so many they lose points)

It really gets you into every game because you or your opponent usually has someone in each game. It isnt about what teams are going to win but who is going to exploit their matchup.

You do need to know football and the players to do well. That is why I believe fossil was trying to insult me about playing.

fossil do you realize that the only people that would buy that shirt is the people playing ff and giving it to the last place team as a joke? I guess that the words "fantasy football loser" were all you needed to think youre clever.

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