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Re: Image comments for what really happened
Posted by: Mrkim
Date: 04/12/2009 11:03PM
An excellent question DK. Actually there were many sources crying foul but the umpires seemed to all be asleep at the plate.

Why was he elected when he had multi-year associations with known domestic terrorists as companions and "mentors"?
Why was he elected when he was found to have spent 20yrs attending a radical largely racist church whose minister openly damned America and white people?
Why was he elected when his own extremely prejudiced and racists comments in his book showed a side of his makeup no one else could have espoused and ever sought the office of president afterwards?
Why was he elected to run a country when he'd never even had a job in the private sector is his whole life?
Why was he elected after it was revealed his college education and appointments were all made by foreigners with dubious backgrounds far aside from anything that would have let anyone else get elected after these details were made piblic?

Lotsa good questions and no really good answers hot smiley

Every mention of this, then as now, was derided by the mainstream press as manifestations of racism or small mindedness posed by wackos and neatly disposed of as pure bunk. Had any serious investigation into his background been done there's at least a chance things might have turned out differently. Even as effects of that duping of the media has begun to wear on those (segments of the media) that were bedazzled during the campaign, whatever needed to be hidden is and what had to be cemented closed is also now .... unavailable and now considered a matter of state/national security.

As I've said before, many, many things will all come out once it's no longer of any relevance, but not while he's still in office drinking smiley

smoking smiley

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