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Re: Image comments for stolen obama sign
Posted by: fossil_digger
Date: 03/11/2008 10:20PM
i am far from being close minded. i think that people should be able to voice their opinions, but that being said, i'm used to being attacked for my beliefs here by just about every liberal left wing whatever the hell. most of which people are putting words in my mouth. saying i am a bush lackey or some other horse shit.

when i see someone like the beast or that asshole author telling people to wake up and follow their fucked up thinking, i will jump right in the middle and stick it to 'em. thumbs downthumbs down

sorry junior and zxz if i was a dick. and i guess i owe you an apology too yak gak. sorry. grinning smiley

nah, fuck all of ya! smiling bouncing smiley
(joke) grinning smiley

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