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Re: Image comments for Kari Byron from MythBusters on The Discovery Channel
Posted by: Anonymous
Date: 25/02/2008 09:40PM
Anonymous Wrote:You ignorant fucktard(s)... Great tits do not mean huge tits! If you are so hooked on porn that you think otherwise, then that's a shame. I feel sorry for you! She has great tits, regardless of their actual size, ..ohh, and she has a great ass too!

> yea i posted that big ass comment above this one
> and the SO one and know this one.
> How do you know that she has grate tits if you
> never seen her nude breast ,all you could really
> say is there big or there small to say there great
> do to other reasons is insolent the visual
> information necessary to make that judgment is
> some thing you don’t have theirs a lot of
> attributes to take in to consideration like
> firmness, skin color and tune , size of nipple ,
> the size of the surrounding skin of the nipple,
> positing of the breast.
> Come on think about it wonder braw.

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