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Re: Image comments for Kari Byron from MythBusters on The Discovery Channel
Posted by: Anonymous
Date: 29/04/2007 11:20PM
You sad bastards, I'm looking for a tastefull desktop background of Kari because she is hot. You perverted assholes should grow up. She wouldn't look twice at any of you or me. Just be thankfull that a woman so good looking allows her picture to be taken on film or still.

Sites like this turn my stomach. This post should be removed forever. I only comment due to the ammount of stills that are on google with this pic. The FHM pics are sexy enough for a desktop.

All you sad fucks who say you would like to cum all over her ass would run like fuck if a woman offered you the chance. You are like the geeks from wierd science or Pee Wee from porkys. Grow up you twats!!!

Leave some stuff for the imagination.

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