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Re: Image comments for RIP SADDAM - Hero to millions
Posted by: shaDEz
Date: 30/12/2006 02:44AM
what is even more amazing is how many idiots think that bush or any other amer president actually causes this shit
it's amazing how many vote and think that this is a real democracy
it's not what you vote that puts these "leaders" in office, rather it is what you buy... whatever benefits the root bourgeois most at the time is what gets "power"
the complete destruction of iraq is what was needed to further capitalism, when that has been established well there and finally tapped dry then they will go to another place and capitalize... this will continue until the whole world is used up and then will destroy itself most likely resulting in something much worse... the proletariat are addicted to this system like crack whores
want it to stop? then stop buying bullshit! 99 percent of what you buy you don't fucking need... and there is almost always a much better substitution
and stop copy righting shit... <cough /> <cough />... okay someone else wanna hit this shit? <passes joint />

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