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Re: Image comments for RIP SADDAM - Hero to millions
Posted by: The Grim Reaper
Date: 29/12/2006 11:59PM
We've replaced a very qualified dictator of Iraq with a complete idiot, G.W.Bush. Saddam had everything under control and now G.W.Bush has turned Iraq into a hellhole. Bush has murdered 655,000 Iraqis while Saddam murdered 300,000.

I guess Bush is a more qualified murderer than Saddam, but that's it, Saddam knew how to keep the religious nuts under control, and now Bush has opened up a Pandoras Box.

What's amazing is the amount of idiots in America who think that Saddam had something to do with 9-11 or that he was any threat to the U.S. -- There are so many douchebags in America who think it's our business to be the protector of Israel and fight its wars.

If you shitbags have a hard-on for war, then enlist or send your sons and daughters to fight, you hypocritical pieces of shit. the finger smiley

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