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Re: Image comments for Kari Byron from MythBusters on The Discovery Channel
Posted by: Anonymous
Date: 13/04/2006 01:56AM
i must say, she is QUITE hot and sexy! And while i wouldn't mind doing her, i still think this is kind of NOT RIGHT to talk about such a nice WOMAN like that!!! Yes, she's sexy; yes, she's hot; and i just happen to know her and she WOULD NOT want to do anything that you people talk about! SHE'S NOT LIKE THAT!!! You guys are a bunch of fucking walking hard-ons!! MY GOD! I bet you fucks can't even find something better to do with your fucking time than sit there on your fucking computers and talk about things that you can't even live up to, or much less do!! GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!! Peace Out!

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