Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (4.227.252.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 11:13AM
Is appariently this one


it doesn't look moderated at all, and doesn't seem to have anything to do with rap but has plenty unredeamable crap. Same difference. Well rap is "pussy shit."
Posted by: pulse [x] - (4.227.252.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 01:41PM
Mung, if you don't like this site, you don't have to use it. You're welcome to go hang out on your rap board, and anybody else who doesn't like this site is more than welcome to join you.
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (4.227.252.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 07:37PM
I don't know what the hell you're talking about. But if you mean that c--t who keeps writting censorship for 3 posts under every pic, and posts the unfunny partisan cartoons I'm not the one. I don't chat on that rap board either, or know who owns it. I just thought I'd be doing you a favor since Spunk kept yelling censorship, I pointed to an uncensored uploading forum. Since you seem in agreement; you can upload 3 pics at a time, and it's HTML enabled unlike this closely looked at dump. And there is a fellow whackjob kathaksung already waiting for fellow idiots like hozbro.
Posted by: pulse [x] - (4.227.252.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 09:40PM
Sorry mate, you're right smiling smiley I didn't look closely enough at this forum post to see it was made by somebody else. I just assumed it was part of the same "censorship! censorship!" shit being spouted at the moment smiling smiley My apologies
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (4.227.252.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 10:37PM
Ok pal. Thanks for providing this free service for us. Keep up the good work.
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (4.227.252.---)
Date: November 28, 2004 10:42PM
And going to the trouble of making this a better site with more accessable features. I would see how you would get short at ungreatful douchbags.
Posted by: geezer [x] - (4.227.252.---)
Date: November 30, 2004 09:19AM
What a big mistake...I went to that site. I must go to my room and cry now.
Posted by: allan [x] - (4.227.252.---)
Date: December 15, 2004 05:03PM
PULSE let people post what they want.If they think it why not post it? you cannot stop what people think so why censure what they post? would you and the others who view this website not like to view human nature at it's finest?
Posted by: pulse [x] - (4.227.252.---)
Date: December 15, 2004 05:55PM
People are welcome to post what they want, I don't censor any of it. All that was removed that was complained about was maybe 10 bullshit image comments that were made under somebody's stolen account.

I also remove the occasional REALLY disgusting, illegal and/or highly racist images, some of which manage to be all 3 at once.
Posted by: itsasecret [x] - (4.227.252.---)
Date: January 02, 2005 09:06PM
*shudders* After seeing that page, I'm glad plus613 has at least a little taste.
Posted by: hoey219 [x] - (4.227.252.---)
Date: January 02, 2005 09:13PM
say what you want show what you want,more nude women please! but pulse is right i dont want see illegal shit im sure we can all guess why! best site iv came accross in a long time by the way
Posted by: hoey219 [x] - (4.227.252.---)
Date: January 02, 2005 09:20PM
by the way just site JUST WHAT THE FUCK! what was that up that things ass
Posted by: pro_junior [x] - (Moderator)
Date: January 28, 2013 10:50PM
vicunts anyone?
Posted by: quasi [x] - (99.206.56.---)
Date: January 28, 2013 11:09PM
Crusty vicunts?
Posted by: woberto [x] - (124.171.137.---)
Date: January 29, 2013 01:20AM
Posted by: ImNotLikeEverybodyElse [x] - (71.204.26.---)
Date: February 05, 2013 03:32PM
Whhy you bitching about censorship like a CUNT yet you censore yourself
It is c-u-n-t not c__t
Shut the fuck up you stupid cunt
Whiny cunt k______
now that would be illegal to say cus eryone is a whiny fucking cunt but seriously
Please do that. Please
Posted by: BlahX3 [x] - (96.39.185.---)
Date: February 06, 2013 10:05AM
Crusty me gusta vicunts?
Posted by: Mrkim [x] - (75.107.113.---)
Date: February 12, 2013 11:38AM
Wash off the crust and keep the rest smileys with beer

BTW ... fuck censorship! The (very) little that goes on here is palatable and reasonable.

Long live Plus613 (matrix)
Posted by: pulse [x] - (Moderator)
Date: February 13, 2013 12:30PM
Mrkim Wrote:
> Wash off the crust and keep the rest smileys with beer
> BTW ... salad fork! There is no censorship here. I
> just enjoy salads. Thank you for superfunhappyslide!
> Long live Plus613 (matrix)

Fixed that for you. Now to replace the original post....
Posted by: Mrkim [x] - (184.21.98.---)
Date: February 15, 2013 01:31AM
Hey, hey, hey now, you can take that salad fork and ..... use it wisely (headexplode)
Posted by: woberto [x] - (124.171.83.---)
Date: February 15, 2013 03:44AM
Be careful with that Fork'n'spoon!
Posted by: pulse [x] - (Moderator)
Date: February 16, 2013 03:01AM
What the fork did you call me?
Posted by: woberto [x] - (248.46.26.---)
Date: January 01, 2024 01:39AM
First post of 2024 bitches!
Posted by: pulse [x] - (Moderator)
Date: January 01, 2024 10:18AM

Also, way to necro a 10+ year thread smiling smiley
Posted by: MousAnony [x] - (255.216.190.---)
Date: April 06, 2024 05:28PM
Hi how is everyone
Posted by: pro_junior [x] - (Moderator)
Date: April 06, 2024 09:34PM
good.. good to see you here..

I wonder what the pic was that the OP linked to lol I don't remember seeing it
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