Posted by: kenny [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: October 31, 2004 06:56PM
hi all, well all the nice people how like a bit of good clean nudity and some art and most of all funnies lets make this a petition to stop the smut please sign
Posted by: jj [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: October 31, 2004 07:08PM
yes dont let a good site go to the dogs
Posted by: paul [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: October 31, 2004 07:10PM
please take all the shit pics off we want fun and adult nudes her's to the cause kenny
Posted by: wannabe [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: October 31, 2004 07:14PM
You can't be posting shit like that all it takes is one picture and soon this site will become a meeting ground for those twisted fucks
Posted by: DarkKlown [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: October 31, 2004 10:42PM
Ok guys the pics have been removed. Also the user has been banned from the site.
Posted by: stuy [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 01, 2004 05:18AM
I agree, end the porn now!
Posted by: ME [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 01, 2004 05:54AM
Thank you for removing the pictures! smiling smiley(Oh, and banning the perv!)
Posted by: stussy-demon [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 01, 2004 08:50AM
Yes! glad you banned that sick fuck! Child stuff is definately hated by me and many others I suspect.
Posted by: stuy [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 01, 2004 09:31AM
Well the child stuff should not be tolerated. Something that I'm sure the everyone has been be waiting to apear on this site.

Otherwise the endless amount of babes or general porn should be cut down.
Posted by: kenny [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 01, 2004 09:38AM
thank you cant beat people power
Posted by: geezer [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 01, 2004 02:17PM
someone needs to beat you ....with some people power....or a sledgehammer.
Posted by: pulse [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 01, 2004 02:36PM
kenny, it has little to do with 'people power'. We don't want it either.. We are somewhat capable of running the site by now smiling smiley
However we thank you for your concern and interest in the site.
Posted by: kenny [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 01, 2004 06:19PM
what ever
Posted by: stryker [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 02, 2004 07:05AM
I agree! now we understand each other! no sick fuck allowed here!
Posted by: Silent Majority [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 02, 2004 04:02PM
The nude female body is can be a beautiful thing to look at. Why then do so may of you feel the need to degrade it by posting the weird perverted stuff. Most of the comments are crude or vulgar in nature. Seldom see a compliment just criticism of others. Remember too much of anything becomes a bad thing. The poor taste of one should not cause you to lower yourself to those standards.
Posted by: no name [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 03, 2004 01:58AM
gently tap him in the head with a sledgehammer??
Posted by: jErm [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 03, 2004 10:03AM
just get the pics rated less than 2 off the site. that oughtta take care of that..
Posted by: Assasin [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 04, 2004 08:12AM
My Question for American voters:

Why in the name of all that is sane, good, and in the name of God, is that mot**r-Fu***r, Bush get'n re-elected? Havn't the American people learned? Oh,HELL YEAH..Lets just give that psycho, war-mangerer another 4 years to terrorise the world!! Man, I wish someone could just putt an end to this madnes!!
Sencirely yours, Norwegian-Dream-Voter
Posted by: American Voter [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 04, 2004 02:14PM
Because the majority of America is really starting to like the idea of blowing up dumb f*cks like yourself.
Posted by: Assasin [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 05, 2004 05:48AM
I must say that, you are the right persone to speak of this mather, You'r just as dumb as ignorante as the rest of the Bush-voters, It is people like you'r selfe that's the reason for the second world war and probably will be the reason for the 3 world war.
Posted by: JJ KING [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 05, 2004 11:28PM
HI KENNY looks like your thread has gon to the dogs well let me tell you i know what you ment let me spell it out to the world GET KIDDY PORN OF THE NET NOT JUST THIS SITE
Posted by: JJ KING [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 05, 2004 11:30PM
Posted by: kenny [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 06, 2004 02:20PM
thank you jj king
Posted by: geezer [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 07, 2004 02:35AM
HEY JJ KING, if you haven't noticed already, kenny does NOT own this site. Some dudes in Australia own it. But you two tards can keep on fightin' the man and his desire for kid porn. You both couldn't fight your way out of a wet paper bag.....LMAO ;P
Posted by: geezer [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 07, 2004 12:31PM
that's twice you have refereed to wanting to beat my head in i will be happy to give you the chance just let me know where you are. it seems to me that you have an interest in this post you most likely be the one putting on the kiddie pics
Posted by: geezer [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 07, 2004 09:27PM
Use yoiur own name kenny. I don't want kid porn, you just don't own this site. Give them a computer and they rule the internet.
Posted by: geezer [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 07, 2004 09:28PM
Posted by: The King [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 16, 2004 07:52AM
I wear a crown
Posted by: geezer [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 16, 2004 02:05PM
What's that? An acronym for Cock Ring On your Wiener and Nuts? LMAO!!!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (195.93.32.---)
Date: November 21, 2004 10:15PM
please refrain from talking, geezer.
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