Posted by: GAK67 [x] - (124.157.91.---)
Date: June 04, 2009 04:23AM
Read an article/blog today where the author listed his top 5 manliest moments. See the article here. He asked for readers to contribute theirs. I made a contribution, copied below, but wondered what others would consider their manliest moments.

Holding my kids for the first time - is also up there with finding out my wife was pregnant. Probably has something to do with carrying on the genes.

Rescuing a learner kayaker who had tipped over and could not get upright. It was on a school camp and at the same camp I also pulled a girl out of the creek before she went over a small waterfall.

Designing and making a playhouse/fort for my kids. Like the author above it had something to do with wearing a toolbelt and using powertools.

Staying calm and reacting swiftly when my son injured himself, then driving him quickly to the ambulance station (he's ok now - no serious long term effects).

Picking up a woman who was crying on the side of the road with her child while the man she was trying to leave sat in a car next to her verbally berating her. I drove the woman and child to her parents house about 5 km away.
Posted by: Steve Irwin [x] - (165.228.161.---)
Date: June 04, 2009 11:54PM
Fuckn kiwis, pathetic!
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