Posted by: fossil_digger [x] - (72.181.128.---)
Date: September 27, 2013 08:57PM
the California....brain dead idea, was a lie waiting to be sprung. long boring story.
i did design a friends 'stang after mine a week or so ago. it should be reality in a month or so.
PLP is lurking. if the source of this comment is discovered, i will deny all knowledge of it and claim to be hacked again. (*finger*)
Posted by: pulse [x] - (Moderator)
Date: April 24, 2014 07:04AM
Sure is a shame that everybody is dead. Used to be a chatty place 'round here
Posted by: BlahX3 [x] - (68.186.2.---)
Date: April 26, 2014 06:14PM
I sometimes wonder if he took a sock-puppet or two with him.(*butt*)
Posted by: fossil_digger [x] - (108.162.221.---)
Date: December 01, 2016 09:06PM
Posted by: pro_junior [x] - (Moderator)
Date: December 02, 2016 11:40PM
welcome back fossil
I deleted all the spam bullshit from your forum, you're welcome (smiley spinning around with tongue sticking out)(DK still hasn't fixed the smileys, as you can see)
Posted by: woberto [x] - (162.158.7.---)
Date: December 03, 2016 03:13AM
Give us the long boring story...
Posted by: fossil_digger [x] - (108.162.221.---)
Date: December 03, 2016 04:01AM
wife doesn't like 613

i'm undercover whenever i'm here now

i like my nuts

-The End
Posted by: fossil_digger [x] - (108.162.221.---)
Date: December 03, 2016 04:45AM
i've popped in and out anonymoose for quite a while
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