How did you find your way to #613 in the first place?

Posted by: bayern [x] - (217.140.248.---)
Date: June 06, 2006 09:20PM
I found here long time ago the first time by searching from google the picture set of the "perfect ass", LOL! Don´t remember what was the name of that, but anyway ended up in here. How did you get in here?
Posted by: TRITON [x] - (217.140.248.---)
Date: June 06, 2006 09:36PM
that was years ago
I think it was a GOOGLE search for `nice bikini babes`

back in those days my name was Rogue1
but that is another story
Posted by: fossil_digger [x] - (217.140.248.---)
Date: June 07, 2006 01:19AM
i came here through a spacial rift in the space time continuum.( = from the future = )
my ship was damaged enough that repairs with primitive technology was ineffective.
Posted by: pro_junior [x] - (217.140.248.---)
Date: June 07, 2006 03:49AM
That is a good question...I found 613 via a link from another site, although I don't remember the specififc details beyond that...
Posted by: pulse [x] - (217.140.248.---)
Date: June 07, 2006 03:56PM
I was drunk one night, and somebody said "Hey, you know what would be a good idea?" ..
Posted by: shaDEz [x] - (217.140.248.---)
Date: June 08, 2006 01:18AM
i was drunk one night, and was looking for porn of sandra shine
Posted by: fossil_digger [x] - (217.140.248.---)
Date: June 08, 2006 03:21AM
i can't remember seriously.
searching for....."______________"
please feel free to fill in the blank.
Posted by: pro_junior [x] - (217.140.248.---)
Date: June 08, 2006 03:45AM
gay pron?
Posted by: fossil_digger [x] - (217.140.248.---)
Date: June 08, 2006 01:35PM
gay shrimp?
that would be a wrong answer:~}
Posted by: orion [x] - (217.140.248.---)
Date: June 09, 2006 03:07PM
i was looking for japanese babes and found a pic of 3 inflatable dolls on a beach
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (217.140.248.---)
Date: June 09, 2006 07:23PM
any other brits here?
Posted by: marshaltown [x] - (217.140.248.---)
Date: June 09, 2006 07:54PM
i have trouble driving this thing
Posted by: fossil_digger [x] - (217.140.248.---)
Date: June 10, 2006 12:20AM
tiw is from.........shit! i forgot! not london........??????
Posted by: shaDEz [x] - (217.140.248.---)
Date: June 10, 2006 11:43AM
gay brit pron?
Posted by: zxz555 [x] - (217.140.248.---)
Date: June 10, 2006 06:22PM
I don´t remember either, could have been a google image search. Long time ago, used a different name then too. Liked it here then and I like it here now.
Posted by: Temuchin [x] - (217.140.248.---)
Date: June 19, 2006 03:54AM
I googled Kari Byron naked
Posted by: mkcerusky [x] - (217.140.248.---)
Date: July 13, 2006 08:17AM
I met pulse in a chat and he suggested the site
Posted by: katalyst [x] - (217.140.248.---)
Date: July 13, 2006 11:20AM
goooooooooooooooooooogle. loved it ever since.
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (217.140.248.---)
Date: July 14, 2006 12:28AM
Came here from all the spam in

Very lame racist immature site
Posted by: BlahX3 [x] - (217.140.248.---)
Date: July 19, 2006 03:12PM
I was skateboarding down the information sidewalk, minding my own business smoking a fatty when one of my wheels hit a dogturd that looked exactly like Nigga Head but it had a nametag on that said "[email protected]".
Posted by: Jarred_ [x] - (207.32.60.---)
Date: October 23, 2006 05:43PM
I found this site seaching for naked chicks on Google Images thumbs down
Posted by: Mrkim [x] - (71.96.157.---)
Date: October 27, 2006 06:05AM
I was searchin for "rate my tits".....Ooops, kinda reveals my motives huh :>winking smiley
Posted by: om10 [x] - (88.107.164.---)
Date: October 30, 2006 02:07PM
we were searching to upload photos on the net and just stumbled on this site.and i now think its a good site to upload photos, and have a laugh at some of the comments on the uploads that are uploaded, if that makes sense....smiling bouncing smiley
Posted by: Placelowerplace [x] - (72.87.38.---)
Date: December 03, 2006 07:20PM
Google'd it by way of "post pictures free" in 2005
Posted by: linken3131 [x] - (71.124.140.---)
Date: May 21, 2007 02:17AM
surfing i think or googleing porn
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (202.81.18.---)
Date: June 18, 2007 04:40AM
Some guy held me up at gunpoint when I was polishing boots on the sidewalk, and as he ran away he shouted "find pics of this and my other muggings on bitch"

Then I went to a cafe and ordered the big salad. I didn't have enough for the chicken salad, as i'd been mugged. That really topped off my day because I actually would've liked the chicken salad. They serve it in a really nice ceasar dressing, with bacon, croutons and shaved parmesan which melts to the chicken just right.

After going to the cafe, I found an ATM and withdrew some more money. Then I went to a strip club and paid women to show me their girly bits. I masturbated while watching them.

From there, I hailed a taxi and asked him to take me somewhere fun. After I told him my tale of woe, Abjab (the taxi driver) took me to see a movie. We saw "She's the Man" starring nobody important. We watched the movie and it was alright, but nothing to write home about. It was all pretty predictable, but for some reason girls dressing as boys turns me on so I masturbated again.

From there, Abjab and I drove south, to the river. We met a homeless man named Bob. We mugged him to make me feel better about my earlier mishap with the shameless mugger who picked on me. Bob only had a dollar, which I didn't really need, so I threw it into the river before somebody caught us and found his prints.

Going West down Henderson, we soon entered 'crack valley'. I asked Abjab to pull over, and we bought a quarter of premium rocks. We went to Mt Wonder, where there's a good kebab stand and nice views over the town and smoked up. I didn't feel like a kebab after we'd smoked all the rocks, so I hurled it at a seagull. Hit it right on the wing, and it fell out of the sky. "Damn rats", I thought.

After that, it was getting pretty late, so Abjab took me towards home. I didn't realise the prick had left his meter running the whole time, and he wanted some ungodly amount of money, so I led him down a back alley punched him and ran from the taxi. He tried to chase me down but I jumped a fence where there was this dog that tried to hump my leg. If I wasn't in such a hurry, I might've stopped to pet it.

I disappeared down Cream Lane and went around the back of the butchers, where there was another escape alley. Abjab was nowhere to be seen so I figured things would be aight to head home.

On my way home I saw some punk kids beating on somebody, so I ran over and joined in. It was fun, I made some new friends. Then one of them called me a jew so I beat him too. Fucker.

After that, we split up and I finally headed for home. It was day break and I was pretty knackered, and the rocks had worn off so I had a hunger for some more pretty bad. I got home and only had powder, so I washed some shit up and smoked those fine fresh rocks. I figured I may as well do a few lines to take the edge off and also had some cones.

Remembering earlier in the day with that punk ass mugger shouting plus613 at me, I booted up my laptop which some junkie swapped for a few rocks, and came to the site.

It was still one of my best days.

The next day I saw some hookers, that was cool too.
Posted by: zxz555 [x] - (158.36.146.---)
Date: June 18, 2007 01:17PM
That has got to be one of the most interesting comments I have ever read on 613. the finger smiley Beats all that American political crap hands down. You know, sometimes an anonymous poster (commenter) can really lift your day from droll to super in just a few minutes. Thanks, anonymous
Posted by: shaDEz [x] - (Moderator)
Date: June 18, 2007 09:44PM
yes, that was an excellent story! <+> is in order
Posted by: Mint [x] - (68.12.201.---)
Date: June 19, 2007 03:23PM
wow i cant even begin to remember that far back. been a long..long time
Posted by: ORLANDO399 [x] - (70.119.255.---)
Date: July 09, 2007 07:34AM
Was drunk and i was trying to type in porn and some how i hit plus
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