Posted by: dub [x] - (193.217.231.---)
Date: April 06, 2005 05:56PM
Does 613 sometimes block users from posting instead of all-out banning them? I have been having problems posting comments in both the forum and under images. Is there a reason why or is it because I use Safari on a mac? Just now I wrote a comment under a guest name and it was ok, but after I logged in the error occurred again.
Posted by: pulse [x] - (193.217.231.---)
Date: April 07, 2005 05:08AM
When we block users, we do it at a firewall level. If you were blocked from the site, you would be completely blocked from it, no use whatsoever. I'm not sure what could be happening to you, aside from maybe you're trying to post during periods of heavy use when we have load issues. Safari could be to blame as well, I'm not sure, we've never tested using it as none of us own macs.

Maybe one of the other guys can help you further, but at least on a banning front, no, you haven't been banned.
Posted by: dub [x] - (193.217.231.---)
Date: April 07, 2005 12:44PM
Okay, thanks.
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