Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (66.68.108.---)
Date: March 20, 2005 10:59AM
please, stop posting gay porn. this is my only request.
Posted by: DarkKlown [x] - (66.68.108.---)
Date: March 20, 2005 12:08PM
If people are going to upload porn you can't expect it's always going to be straight. Maybe instead of asking people to stop uploading gay porn your should be asking for no porn at all.
Posted by: XRX [x] - (66.68.108.---)
Date: March 20, 2005 01:40PM
TIRED OF GAY PORN? WANNA BAN IT? This being a free site and all that means all porn (meaning straight porn) would also have to be banned to be fair. Give your whining a break and skip the pictures you don't like. If you hate it so much why are you looking at these pictures? Face it, you are a dumb piece of shit
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (66.68.108.---)
Date: March 20, 2005 06:39PM
I'm a fan of guy on guy (and girl on girl) action, so pics of it are not offensive to me. Pics of a child's torn up bloody arm are much more disturbing. According to the system this site uses, the easiest way to eliminate porn would be to not view it, and make sure to vote for non-porn pictures. Pictures without any votes (ranking) get removed from the site.
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (66.68.108.---)
Date: March 20, 2005 08:16PM
too! much porn yes but there is a difference between a girl bare chested or with few clothes on and a picture with her vagina and ass poked out for all to see or with some guys penis stuck in her. the pictures of dicks are porn and should be deleated by the crew at plus613.
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (66.68.108.---)
Date: March 21, 2005 04:37AM
Equal opportunity pr0n, dude. Quit yer penny-anny whining.
Posted by: AEoN [x] - (66.68.108.---)
Date: March 23, 2005 09:34AM
No more porn of any sort! I come here looking for crazy ass pics of weird shit. If I want to look at porn I go to a porn site. The excessive porn(which cannot be filtered out) only hurts the site, as most "normal" people become annoyed having to sort out the shit to get to the cool stuff. I'm guessing that most of the porn is uploaded by those who have yet to go through puberty.
Posted by: pulse [x] - (66.68.108.---)
Date: March 23, 2005 01:59PM
Can't be filtered out? What do you think the work safe filter is for exactly? Click on Gallery, select the image filter dropdown box, select work safe categories. Jesus this site isn't that hard to use!


Anyway, because people don't quite seem to grasp the complexities of the site, we're looking at a more permanent solution to the porn problems on the site within the next week or two. Hang tight!
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (66.68.108.---)
Date: March 24, 2005 12:50AM
Hey AEoN, you want pics of crazy shit? Go to []
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