Posted by: pulse [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: January 27, 2005 01:09AM
Hi all,

You may have noticed the new button we have on the sidepanel requesting donations. Unfortunately, we have outgrown the server we run the site on, and desperately need upgrades. You've probably seen the "unable to connect to database" errors we are experiencing lately in periods of heavy use.

Due to the fact that this is completely funded personally to the tune of thousands of dollars per year, and we have no advertising support (and don't wish to instigate advertising) we need to find a way to help fund the site. It's becoming extremely expensive, and costs are rising every month.

We've come a very long way since this site was launched with 20 images and only a dozen or so daily viewers, and we hope to take it to the next level smiling smiley

Any help you can give of any amount is greatly appreciated, and all funds will go to the rising costs of running the site. This is handled through PayPal, however if you don't have a PayPal account you don't need to create one.

pulse, revert & darkklown
Posted by: Tiw [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: January 27, 2005 08:17AM
Why don't you do the same as the people at used to do and show a little bar graph saying how much is needed for that particular month and how much has been raised so far, this would be interesting smiling smiley
Posted by: Kevin [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: January 28, 2005 04:42AM
Posted by: Joe49 [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: January 28, 2005 04:22PM
as most of you I am opposed to allmost all forms of commerical advertisement/but there are some good companys that would probably like to run an occasional add on plus613, could we get some feedback on this subject/I don't mean pop ups/it would have to be something that would not be offensive to the viewers & would help offset expenses.
Posted by: Tiw [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: January 28, 2005 07:44PM
Why not ebay or apple ads?
Posted by: Kevin [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: January 28, 2005 11:38PM
How about some Google ads just to the left of here, right under the top viewed box?

Posted by: geezer [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: January 29, 2005 03:22AM
How about charging people to post porn? Works for me.
Posted by: DarkKlown [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: January 30, 2005 07:35AM
Somehow i doubt people are going to pay to upload porn, view maybe, but not upload.
Posted by: brokntoad [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: January 30, 2005 08:00PM
Perhaps you should make the porn catagory for paying members only. Once a pic gets classified as porn it is put into a password protected area. I bet this would cut down on all the porn uploads.
Posted by: geezer [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: January 31, 2005 01:13AM
I don't know DarkKlown. You got some people posting their weiners and using their email addresses as the title. Some attention whores will do anything to show us their goods.
Posted by: toonigel [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: January 31, 2005 05:21PM
Personally, I will make a donation and would like to keep the site the same; the wierd mix of uploads, not unduly over-run by porn, is why people keep coming back.
Posted by: pulse [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: February 01, 2005 01:03AM
toonigel: Thank you very much for helping out - it's greatly appreciated. smiling smiley
Posted by: DarkKlown [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: February 02, 2005 05:23AM
Can users that donate please make sure they create an account and note the account name with the donation. This will ensure that should the site ever go ahead with banner ads, *your account wont have to see them*.
Posted by: pulse [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: February 21, 2005 02:51PM
Anyway, all of the above aside thank you to the 3 people who have donated, however we really honestly need more help. The costs of running the site alone (even without the upgrade) are simply too high to cover on my meagre wage (ie $zero) anymore.

Please help us out.
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: February 22, 2005 04:05AM
Just throw banner ads all over the site.
Posted by: pulse [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: February 22, 2005 07:49AM
We really don't want to, but we may have no choice. Those who donate though will be 'immune' from seeing banner ads though. Running costs are approaching $400USD a month now, and if we go for the upgrade we sorely need they'll be around $500 USD a month..

Given I have no income.. smiling smiley We'll have to look at advertising really soon without more help.

So yeah. All those who donate will never have to see banner ads if we go forward with it.. otherwise we may simply have no choice.
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: February 24, 2005 12:40AM
Have you though about whoring yourselve's out? I would be happy to act as your pimp, making sure you get .001% of the profit. I gots to be paid for protecting my bitches.

I say go for the advertising, it is annoying to some but what the heck. Possibly you might make a little coin off of this site to pay you back for the effort. I would still come here as long as the ads weren't of the Porn variety, don't want those external URL's showing up on my Proxy Report from Good luck.
Posted by: DarkKlown [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: February 24, 2005 05:14AM
We've already tried to pimp pulse out but in the end we had to pay the john's so it just wasn't worth it.

But, according to pulse, it sure was alot of fun! winking smiley

The thought is to put porn ads on the porn images, leaving other categories ad-free.

Now to find a banner supplier that makes it actully worth it.
Posted by: pulse [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: February 24, 2005 02:12PM
Yeah, what he said, except he's the whore
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: February 24, 2005 02:30PM
most of the porn comes from pornsites anyway just posted here free,you might as well list beneath the pic's where it came from and try to get paid for the trouble.take's real talent to attach from one site and post on another website.
Posted by: pudding [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: February 26, 2005 12:54PM
Can you explain the cost structure? Do people uploads cost you the most? What kind of upgrades do you need? Making it all transparent might help. Also the list of people who donated, and how much might be a good idea. I wonder if anonymous are going to donate anything. Also you could establish a fee for uploading a picture, theoreticaly it might work; and make it not compulsory - just another list saying who ows how much. Allowing ads and a fee to avoid them is maybe not so bad idea.
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: March 09, 2005 09:18PM
i'd personally be fine with banner ads, anything to keep this site free. cause i love it.
Posted by: DarkKlown [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: March 11, 2005 02:44AM
If you love the site, register an account and upload some images.
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: April 13, 2005 06:32PM
I just wanted to take a quick moment to say that I was a little disappointed to see that after a donation is made to your site, that a small "thank you" email isn't sent out. I know my donation was not large, but nonetheless, I wanted to help out because I think your site is great. I will continue to support you guys and again, I think your doing a great job. Just wanted to give you some feedback on that.
Posted by: BUTTERFLY [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: April 13, 2005 06:35PM
Also, I just noticed that even though I am logged in under my username, it still posts my comments as anonymous. ???
Posted by: BUTTERFLY [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: April 13, 2005 06:36PM
Okay, nevermind...that's weird.
Posted by: toolazy_tologin_bud [x] - (203.217.36.---)
Date: April 18, 2005 03:22PM
Pulse, did you get fired or what? Maybe if you tell us what happened and we start to cry (they´re a sensitive bunch here, you know!) then the donations will flood in.
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