Posted by: Tiw [x] - (82.37.82.---)
Date: December 18, 2004 01:14PM
Don't flame me for this but why not add an image size limit? Any images over this size then get reduced so they fit. Either this or let people decide if they want to have over-size images reduced when they view them so that people can post intersting desktop wallpaper if they choose to.
Posted by: pulse [x] - (82.37.82.---)
Date: December 18, 2004 07:08PM
The image toolkit we use to generate thumbnails and so forth is.. quite poor. If you've tried to upload an image lately you'll see that the whole damn thing just crashes, but fortunately after it's done the work we require.

We used to do image resizing, however they came out like [] - as you can see from this example, it's hardly ideal smiling smiley

Until we can find an image toolkit which both works and doesn't rely on using system calls, but is handled within PHP/apache we can't really do this.
Posted by: Tiw [x] - (82.37.82.---)
Date: December 18, 2004 07:50PM
Then, as a temporary measure why not leave the images the same size on the server but squeaze them down to a given size but still keep the aspect ratio the same so that everyone doesn't look fat?
Posted by: Anonymous [x] - (82.37.82.---)
Date: December 19, 2004 12:21AM
You could put a little skull-and-bones symbol next to links leading to BIG images...
Posted by: revert [x] - (82.37.82.---)
Date: December 19, 2004 12:23AM
Image resizing is great idea *Tiw* for a number of reasons, usability, speed and also bandwidth costs. However we have had yet to find the perfect Image resizing package for PHP that will work for every image so until we starting using something like =imagemagick= we'll have leave it as it is.

Thanks for your suggestion tho. The more people ask for something the more likely we're to do it.

*pulse* that mess of an image was would never happen again but it defiantly demonstrates the issues we repeatedly encountered when we first launched.
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