Posted by: daver [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: December 07, 2003 05:29AM
If you have any suggestions for things you'd like to see on, post them here. If it's realistic and possible, we'll have a look at doing it smiling smiley
Posted by: meef [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: December 07, 2003 05:44AM

I would like it if you voted on an image you didn't go to a random image but the next image.
Posted by: kitty [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: December 07, 2003 05:58AM
might be a good idea to make the add an image button a bit more of a feature. It could be a way to encourage random visitors to get involved. It isn't teh most obvious icon. Maybe put it as a box on the left hand side that stays there when people are browisng the site as a constant reminder that they are able to add stuff
Posted by: die [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: December 07, 2003 07:13AM
ability to go back more than just 48hrs for recent. maybe a list of pairs of days for the past week.
Posted by: revert [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: December 07, 2003 10:21AM
Response to meef.

Voteing will now take you to the 'next' image. Next image in the order of uploads.
Posted by: ElmerFudd [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: December 08, 2003 05:34AM
Response to die

Yah instead of 48 hours could we just have a 'last 10 images' and u can just keep going back 10 images.

Response to revert

voting should only take u to the next image if the user has not voted on it, i'd still like to see the random thing happen if the next image either hasn't been uploaded or if the next image has already been seen/voted.. and finally if all images have been voted upon, totally random (with ranks to show more popular photos more oftern than shit photos?)
Posted by: revert [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: December 08, 2003 07:08AM

Voting topic started. Please go here if you want to post about the voting system. (click on my name).

Posted by: guy [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: April 20, 2004 05:18AM
if you dont want any legal recourse to occur I would recomend that you immediately remove the picture of "Tea bagging" off of your site. The underlying caption says that it is of Greer Benge, and it is not. This is a form of character defamation and legal means will be saught if this picture and caption remain on your site
Posted by: twak [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: May 21, 2004 01:35PM
I don't think the plus613 administrators said it was Greer Benge.. it looks like somebody has recognised her and posted her name up.

If it is not the person you are saying it's not, then there is no character defamation (even if it IS the person you're saying it isn't, it's still not defamation). Besides - maybe the girl IS called Greer Benge and it's a different person to the one you know? Most people in the world are not unique enough to have a name that NOBODY else in the world has...

I don't know what to suggest, but the terms page clearly states if you have any problems with any images to email ...
Posted by: sonic [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: August 05, 2004 01:05AM
could it be posiible to skip ahead to a certain gallery page instead of having to go through each one?
Posted by: pulse [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: August 05, 2004 01:24AM
You kind of can. If you click on Gallery (for recent uploads), the default page is:


Change the 0 to whatever page you want to view, and you're away. For example, you want page 135 of the gallery, you'd go to []

The problem with this is, as the gallery displays 15 images, and it counts from newest to oldest rather than the other way around, as soon as 15 new images are uploaded you'd then want page 136. Fifteen more images uploaded, you need page 137, and so on.

Our time is mostly dedicated to a new project at the moment, however we'll see what we can do. Don't expect it to be quick though smiling smiley
Posted by: Wiggatown [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: August 05, 2004 07:28PM
A new project? Didn't I tell you that trying to jam your mother was a one-way street?
Posted by: pulse [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: August 05, 2004 09:37PM
ha ha ha ha too funny.
Posted by: Wiggatown [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: August 10, 2004 11:45AM
You should install a bar.
Posted by: pulse [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: August 10, 2004 04:09PM
We tried, but we just got drunk all day.
P.S. did you make It's a good idea, I like it. There's a couple of sites that I use that are going to a bullshit signup system soon, will have to add them.
Posted by: Wiggatown [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: August 11, 2004 06:22PM
Nah, I can barely piss straight let alone create a website. It's just one of the few sites that I think folk should be aware of. Another spanner in the works for those corporate marketing weasels.
Posted by: Dinnerroll [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: August 14, 2004 02:42AM
Instead of just having a next button in the gallery try to put a page select button. And if there are too many pages put like, 1,2,3...128,127,126(or whatever the last three are) Or try and put a box where you type the page you want. I personally don't want to go through 128 pages to get to page 128.
Posted by: Dinnerroll [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: August 14, 2004 02:43AM
Sorry. Where I put 128 127 126, that should be 126 127 128
Posted by: pulse [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: August 15, 2004 01:56PM
I suggested a workaround for this one on August 4 in this thread. We're too busy to work on this site much at the moment, maybe in a month or so, sorry.
Posted by: Wiggatown [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: August 16, 2004 06:31PM
When you're finished with the "new project" (i.e., building a life-scale model of a nude nativity scene in Lego) how about archiving in categories?
Posted by: pulse [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: August 19, 2004 01:05AM
As of right now, there's 2,811 images online. That sounds like a bit of a pain in the ass winking smiley
Posted by: Wiggatown [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: October 24, 2004 10:33PM
The forum keeps asking for a topic even though one is already typed in.
Posted by: pulse [x] - (212.158.205.---)
Date: October 27, 2004 07:07AM
Broke during the server move, now fixed smiling smiley
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