Posted by: pulse [x] - (Moderator)
Date: October 25, 2006 07:38AM
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Do you browse

Do you use porn613? How much do you view it? Would you miss it if it was gone?

Please let us know what you think, and add any comments you have below


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Posted by: zxz555 [x] - (83.108.57.---)
Date: October 25, 2006 04:22PM
With some top quality moderating in place instead of the debacle we had before (you started it, no you started it, I´m telling mom!, etc) those spiraling server costs could surely be reduced by axing ponro693. It might even increase donations to 613 if people know the money is going to the clean version and not the dirty one. On the other hand, 613 will probably continue to have ZERO earnings and will need to employ moderators again... disappointed smiley
Posted by: fossil_digger [x] - (67.187.82.---)
Date: October 25, 2006 08:58PM
lol! employ?

yeah we made a fortune doin' it!


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Posted by: pulse [x] - (Moderator)
Date: October 25, 2006 09:52PM
Just to be clear, we're not actually looking at getting rid of the site, I'm just curious about how many plus613 users use it, and how much they care about it.

And fossil, are you saying the $1000 per week we paid you isn't enough?

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Posted by: pro_junior [x] - (71.236.249.---)
Date: October 25, 2006 11:13PM
This probably wont help...

Main Entry: employ

Part of Speech: verb

Definition: use

Synonyms: apply, bestow, engage, exercise, exert, exploit, fill, handle, keep busy*, manipulate, occupy, operate, spend, take up*, use, use up*, utilize

Antonyms: ignore, misuse, underuse
Posted by: pro_junior [x] - (71.236.249.---)
Date: October 25, 2006 11:16PM
p.s. I look at pics on porn613...sometimes...
Posted by: fossil_digger [x] - (67.187.82.---)
Date: October 26, 2006 12:14AM
hahahaha, yeah pulse....I'm still looking for that check!smiling bouncing smiley
Posted by: shaDEz [x] - (24.99.165.---)
Date: October 26, 2006 07:45AM
i'm pretty much the only one modding that site, for the most part i don't really enjoy it much, but i do occasionally dump a hundred or so pics from my collection there... really getta rise outta how eryone complains about all my 'chink uploads' it's funny as hell
Posted by: zxz 555 [x] - (158.36.146.---)
Date: October 26, 2006 05:04PM
Yes, fossil, I meant employ in the sense that you have to get someone to do it. If I had meant pay I would have written pay. Been here long enough to know you didn`t get a bonus in your bank account. That is why it was italicised. I was alluding more the trouble it caused having to get people to do it, I`m not pointing fingers but let`s be honest, not all of the mods did the site the favour they were meant to do.
Posted by: fossil_digger [x] - (67.187.82.---)
Date: October 26, 2006 08:33PM
i know what you meant smileys with beer
and i agree that things coulda been much better, but hey the general job was way more than 2 people coulda done. now it's possible for 2 to handle the situation.
w/o us the site would've been completely fucked!
i feel that everyone did a great job. minus the hattfield and mccoy deal. grinning smiley
Posted by: zxz 555 [x] - (158.36.146.---)
Date: October 27, 2006 11:59AM
:sometimes you can be a dick but mostly you`re alright:

the finger smiley
Posted by: quasi [x] - (64.215.250.---)
Date: November 03, 2006 07:52PM
I'm no prude, I like porn613, but I think it's a good thing that it's separated from plus613 in deference to those with different tastes. Both sites deserve their place.
Posted by: Mrkim [x] - (71.96.157.---)
Date: November 06, 2006 05:04AM
I dig around in both sites & it varies which one gets more screen time. I used to post a lot on porn613 but grew tired of the bitchin in trying to share mostly pics of beautiful babes instead of dicks shoved up skanks asses or down their throats all the time, so .....

And ..... just so DK & Pulse know, shadDEz seems to have his hands full over there and his modding is certainly appreciated by some of the more rational minds who post there smoking smiley
Posted by: pulse [x] - (Moderator)
Date: November 06, 2006 05:46AM
Definitely, we hugely appreciate all Shadez's hard work moderating the porn bin. We can pretty conclusively say it wouldn't be around without all his hard work.
Posted by: Tribucian [x] - (66.21.206.---)
Date: November 12, 2006 12:51PM
OUTSTANDING!!!drinking smiley

I say this because of the multitude of users on-line on this site, I am amazed that as many had the balls to vote and admit that even a remote chance exists that they actually might view nakedness on-line eye popping smiley or the fact that they do it on a regular basis.

For what it is worth, I agree with Mrkim. I see a dick every time I take a piss (sorry folks, I do not sit to piss). And I do/did like Mrkims' posts.

Keep it in place, for all those truly original comments typed between the regular viewers' video-game sessions and Anime shows. Hey! Here's an idea. Send the crusty-creeps' crap to porn613; it might actually be appreciated there smiling bouncing smiley LMAO smiling bouncing smiley

"Opinions vary," -- Patrick Swayze
Posted by: alterego [x] - (203.20.35.---)
Date: November 12, 2006 01:55PM
Holy Shit Kim, when you say you "dig around" on both sites, you must be in the excavating business because you've uploaded like a billion images lately moody smiley
Posted by: Mrkim [x] - (71.96.170.---)
Date: November 14, 2006 12:39PM
Huh ??? I think you could count all the uploads to this side of the fence on your fingers and toes with a few left over, but over on the porn side, well yeah the tally is close to 7k. However, I haven't posted anything there in a few months now.

BTW, thanks for the agreement Tribucian ! With close to 100k in images here in the ole data box I was diggin on sharing a portion of my collection over on the "other" site but grew tired of the carping on about posting series of pics of beautiful chics and the lack of low grade porn images that seem to be of interest by many of the viewers there. I always did wonder however how many of the actual other "contributors" there felt.

I noticed what I thought was an interesting trend last summer when the "kiddies" were outta school and obviously had a lot of time on their hands. The banality of posts to the pics on the porn side seemed to go up and in that same period some industrious lil fuck head managed to figure out how to flood the pic voting process in his favor and totally scram the voting process, much to the chagrine of the usual uploaders to the site who enjoyed seein their stuff on the top list from time to time, myself included.

I had once even thought about starting a thread in the forum on porn613 about "the boys of summer" (borrowing the line from an old Don Henley song), but never did.
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