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Date: February 10, 2012 10:32AM
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Date: February 11, 2012 06:32AM
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Date: February 11, 2012 08:49AM
What bothers me, is they should KNOW. In fact if you were raised in the UK,Australia,Europe or the US. How could you not know. Hell what the SS did in Europe during WWII. Hell with it. YOU SHOULD KNOW.
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Date: February 11, 2012 03:20PM
Of course Paneta is going to make a big deal about it, he's a politician, election year and all that. It is important though and I think it should be dealt with. I don't think there's any excuse for the morons to not know about the significance of symbols like that. I don't think they deserve more than a stern reprimand and notation in their service records though and USMC apparently needs to do a better job of educating the jarheads.
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Date: February 11, 2012 05:02PM
no fucking way they didn't know about nazi SS.
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Date: February 11, 2012 05:41PM
Bailiff, slap their pee-pees.

I agree, who the fuck does NOT know and recognize that? I think out of the group of them someone DID know and probably said something about it. I know I would have. We shall see what happens huh? USMC can be pretty hard-assed about things and they could conceivably get dishonorable discharges for conduct unbecoming to a Marine. Just saying, but with Paneta pushing for an investigation it wouldn't surprise me at all. I wonder what SecNav has to say about it.
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Date: February 11, 2012 09:05PM
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Date: May 02, 2020 12:46AM
Yeah but Schutzstaffel literally translates to;
Protection Squadron.
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