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Crooked Hilary
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Fake news

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Fake news

Comments for: Fake news
pulse Report This Comment
Date: July 22, 2018 02:27AM

None of those had questions over their head about Russian involvement in their election, while demanding only private conversations with nobody in the room but translators, then coming out straight afterwards and saying how great Putin is...

I think it's funny that you say Hillary is crooked.. but are you suggesting Trump is anything else? Let's face it, all of your politicians are as bent as the day is long. It's just none have ever been so obvious.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: July 22, 2018 08:48AM

It’s been understood the Rooskies have been meddling in our elections for many years, as our own govt. has just as surely done so in many elections around the globe. In either case it’s a detestable practice and I’ll certainly make no excuse for such practices, no matter who the participants are.

What’s yet to have been shown to have any basis in reality is the much ballihooed claim of collusion between President Trumps campaign and the Rooskies in efforts to affect the outcome of the election in his favor.

This however has not served to deflate these claims as the MSM, many members of the Democratic party, even members of the Republican party and a plethora of liberal actors, actresses, athletes and others have continually made loud public claims of “Collusion, Collusion, Collusion!”. It’s really easy to make baseless and outlandish claims when in doing so you are not required to actually prove out such claims. All this reminds me of the age old quip “if you tell a lie long and loud enough, it will come to be viewed as the truth, regardless of the facts”.

If one doubts Hilarys bent towards criminality, all that’s required is to study her famous involvement in the Watergate investigation, including the hows and whys of her removal from that case. From that point forward, her history becomes ever darker and ever more brazen. If there’s doubt in anyones mind about that I can only say it comes from a major lack of education on the topic.

President Trump has fought an uphill battle from the time he announced his candidacy and continues to do so ongoingly. While this would seem to make a reasonable case for the idea that he's in a constant battle with the firmly entrenched "powers that be" and is attempting to bring their corruption to light, while ending as much of the same as he can, yeah, I get it ... that doesn't sit well with a lot of folks, though it certainly leaves me wondering why.

If there were a realistic case to be made for claims of collusion surrounding his presidency it would be simple to do so regarding how nearly every facet of the socio-political-media spectrum colludes openly in attempting to belittle, denigrate, obfuscate and undermine any and all things he’s attempted to do.

But, to hell with the facts, they never seem to fit the liberal agenda (*facepalm*)

pro_junior Report This Comment
Date: July 22, 2018 11:59AM

pulse Report This Comment
Date: July 22, 2018 07:05PM

I don't know why I read the FBI one as Fox Mulder...
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: July 23, 2018 08:21AM

Nobody in th world doubts that Russia and Putin meddles in affairs all around the world. We know that but they have to be dealt with in some way without going to war. It appears as though the left wants Trump to declare war on Russia. A "restart button" has been tried with them and failed. Now Trump is trying a different tact and only time will tell if it works or has any impact so fighting against his methods will only aide Putin, maybe that's what the left wants too.

Mr. Kim, I agree with everything you said. I might also add that people need to get treatment for their TDS before they can't be cured.