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Happy Mexican

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Happy Mexican

Comments for: Happy Mexican
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: November 14, 2016 07:15AM

Well if you stay in Mexico he doesn't have to be your President. If you are here he is your President so get over it, you don't have to like him but you do have to accept that he will take office. When Odamna was elected the first time republicans did not protest or riot I don't remember anyone saying he is not my president. Many didn't like him but they did not fight against it. Riots and protests will not change the fact that Trump will become President.

To all those who say they are "afraid" maybe they should choose different words to show their apprehension because being "afraid" shows they are cowards.

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Pablo Escobar Report This Comment
Date: November 14, 2016 10:54AM

Whoa! You're missing some major differences between these two my friend.

Sure, there's no changing the fact Trump will now become president but the reason
why there was no uproar when Obama was elected because Obama didn't have a damning
personal record like Trump. Why else would so many people be upset?

But it didn't stop the other half of the country voting for Trump
so that's that. When you have over 50% of the USA voting for Trump, it actually explains
why there is so much wrong with America.

Congress had the opportunity to "make America great" with Obama
but congress ganged up on him instead
and stopped him from making the necessary changes needed.

Now what's going to happen, as Beast explained the other day,
Trump will be pressured to sign tax cuts for the wealthy and then invade Syria.
You don't wanna go to Syria, at any cost.

Voting Trump in was a huge mistake. You may have been right in predicting his win
but you are soon going to find out that you were so so wrong not voting for an experienced politician
instead of a greedy, selfish, inexperienced businessman with only one thing on his mind;
his business empire. This guy is going to be the biggest political fuck-up in human history.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: November 14, 2016 08:21PM

Pablo, I think you and beastie both have evaded the obvious in your summations.

The reason congress blocked Obozo at every turn wasn't due to anything more than a total rejection of his liberal ideologies he continually foisted upon us, many times with his "pen and phone". The same reason Hillary lost is that the very same electorate that had empowered a mid term shellacking early on in Obozos run and then again in 2012, then banded together en masse to make sure Hillary didn extend his BS into another term.

The election of Trump was really nothing short of the bulk of the country finally rising up and rejecting the liberal onslaught we'd been enduring through clenched teeth for 8yrs. I'd mentioned here previously Trump waddn my 1st pick, but he was my 2nd and his campaign endeared me to him even further.

I'm all for campaign reform, term limits, elimination of lobbying by those who have served in congress, replacing Obozocare, actually enforcing our border/immigration laws, tax reform, even if that means cutting corporate tax rates to the 15% he mentioned AND reducing taxes for the wealthy, who incidentally already pay 85% of all taxes paid (haven't yet been given a job by a poor man), and of course insuring the next SC judge is a conservative.

Those who think Trump wanted the presidency to make himself wealthier or more powerful, honestly man, that just dudn seem to make any sense at all. When a man already has billions and surely stands to make more before he calls it quits, that man already wields intense power.

Anyone who's watched presidents age intensely while in office hasta know the job obviously takes a huge toll on 'em, not to mention they hafta worry every waking moment about all the nut jobs scheming to off 'em at the slightest opportunity.

I could be wrong about Trumps intentions and I know just as surely many of his promises will go unfulfilled, only because I know the realities of our laws which legally limit a president to making his case to congress and the American people, then letting congress fuck it up, like they always do, with his only real power residing in his choice to sign or pass on bills congress submits to him.

The one thing I do feel really sure about though is that Hillary absolutely wanted the office for all the wrong reasons and is ill suited for the work to begin with, not even getting to the part where I absolutely reject her liberalist principles to begin with (*horse*)

Pablo Escobar Report This Comment
Date: November 15, 2016 07:11AM

Gotta say Hilary wasn't my first choice either but for me, she was the lesser of the two evils. (so to speak)

I don't know if you were ever into Kiss as a rock group (i didn't mind some of their stuff)
but one thing that caught my attention about Gene Simmons business ethic was something
he said in an interview with Henry Rollins a couple of years back. He said his personal wealth
separate to his assets was around $300 Mil (a drop in the ocean compared to Trump)
but added he can NEVER make enough money and will always continue find better ways to do so.
"Show me a man who says he doesn't want anymore money and I will show you a dishonest person"
"Don't trust that person" He said.

Not everyone likes old Gene and he's been close to Trump in the past (the apprentice etc)
but I believe what he says because he's that kind of person
that doesn't have a problem with being "in your face honest" about himself and doesn't give a shit anyway.

And with that said, Simmons preferred Hilary because of her political strengths
whereas Trump has a "hair trigger" due to his massive wealth.

I can't really say anymore anyway. It's all about to played out on the big stage.
We can only hope the collateral damage will be minimal.

Been good reading your opinions on the subject all the same :-)
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: November 15, 2016 08:16AM

Trump has already stated that he will only take one dollar for his salary as president because it is a law the president has to be paid. Presidential salary is around $400,000, if Trump is only interested in growing his wealth then why not take the salary he has every right to? Before you say it I know we will have to wait and see if he does take the salary but this is what he has stated already. I am just getting tired of all the namby pambies saying they are scared or frightened or in terror because Trump won. All of these fears were fueled by a biased media's onslaught against Trump and much of it without fact. At least Trump doesn't have blood on his hands and Clinton does with Benghazi.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: November 15, 2016 07:45PM

Hey Pablo, now that's the way a civil political discussion's sposta go, good on ya dude!

I much prefer when folks can make their case/state their opinion devoid of the personal attacks and mudslinging. So ... a sincere thanks for the civil interaction smileys
with beer

Pablo Escobar Report This Comment
Date: November 15, 2016 08:50PM

All good Mrkim, I'm not the evil drug lord I used to be :-)

Yes, one part of this electoral outcome has averted my attention towards
Mr. Julian Assange. I'm wondering if his most recent Wikileaks revelations about Hilary
influenced some voters to go with Trump and would help get the FBI / CIA off his back,
with a little persuasion from the Trump campaign stalwarts of course.

I believe Trump owes him a big favor for that one.

Maybe some of you aren't happy with Wikileaks revealing US security docs
though transparency on some of these issues has been a long time coming.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: November 15, 2016 09:33PM

Pablo, dude! Last I heard you were a dead guy spinning
smiley sticking its tongue out

I think the whole world owes folks like Assange, Snowden and the thousands more that live in the slimy/shadowy places on the web huge accolades for shining the light of truth on the seedy underbelly of politics and governance.

What wikileaks did was really nothing more than expose the inner workings of Hillarys campaign and staff. Notice the best defence they ever managed to muster was not denial of what was leaked, but rather to cast doubt upon the veracity of the leaked documents. With wikileaks solid record for honesty, most people were able to discern what was truth and what was instead misdirection and untruths for themselves from what was revealed.

I choose not to assign motive for Assanges actions, while in time, if that presents itself to be otherwise I'd be willing to accept that possibility as well cool smiley

jgoins Report This Comment
Date: November 16, 2016 07:51AM

Trump owes no one for his election and needs to to pay back no favors. Wikileaks and people like Snowden are not heroes if what they leak puts people's lives in danger. I don't know much about what these people have been leaking and don't really care until the information they release puts our agents lives in danger. Every nation in the world uses spies to get information and accomplish goals not readily available and if leaks prevent our agents from doing their jobs that puts us at a disadvantage with the rest of the world.
Pablo Escobar Report This Comment
Date: November 16, 2016 08:31AM

In every political process around the world (democratic, communist, corrupt etc),
preferences of some kind are always dealt out in one way or another during election time.

Assange gave his support to Trump by giving him a leg up with
added information to [attempt to] expose Hilary Clinton's agenda,
whether Trump wanted it or not. It cannot be denied this helped Trump to victory.

Assange has good reason to help Trump and his reasons are very selfish.

If he is to get out of the UK without being extradited to the US,
to be tortured then murdered by the CIA, he's going to do
what he can to get a new US political leader on side.

Just depends what Trump's own agenda is for what Wikileaks have already exposed about the US
cause at this stage, it's anyone's guess. Especially now that he's appointed a far right wing fascist
in Steve Bannon.

There's an argument for both sides regarding the exposure of US government documents.

I'm interested to see how this particular segment unfolds.
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: November 16, 2016 09:10AM

I don't know much about Bannon but I do know not to believe everything I read or see in the media. I also don't believe Assaunge will be tortured and murdered by the CIA if he is brought back to the US. If that is what the CIA wanted to do it does not matter where he is, he would be dead already our operatives are that good. Even Snowden in Russia would have been dead if they wanted it.

I do not believe Trump will feel he owes anyone anything for his election, he simply won the election because his team was better and Hillary is just so crooked and despised that it was her election to lose. I think the election was more about Clinton's demeanor and her belief that is owed the election and just couldn't lose. It showed in her posture and her actions in the primary and I think many people just voted against her to show no one is a shoe in when the people have any choice. Just like the picture I saw of Hillary crying with the caption "but I have a vagina", she though she had it in the bag because she was a woman.
Pablo Escobar Report This Comment
Date: November 17, 2016 06:07AM

mmmmm not so sure US operatives are that good JG

If they were, there would be bigger targets than
Assange and Snowden for them to focus on.
How about Putin himself? He's been a pain in the US' butt for decades.

And if US operatives were that serious about the "war on drugs", they would of
knocked El Chapo and his cartel a long time ago instead of sending Sean Penn to interview him instead.
Yes, he was arrested not long after that but the dude's still alive and well, running his operation from prison.
Probably the safest place for him in one respect but easy pickings for the US if they paid the right people.
So why haven't they? Because America and it's governing bodies LOVE cocaine and heroin, that's why.

And what about Castro and Co? What a farce that was. Bay of Pigs was staged.
They couldn't knock him off either, even after sending a female spy who lived with him!

And just to add a nice conspiracy theory as well - I'm not so sure the Bin Laden raid
ended the way they said it did either. Too much of that story was concealed with no outside witnesses
to validate that any of that was absolutely true;
Threw him overboard after giving him a traditional muslim burial ceremony at sea? Yeah, sure........
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: November 17, 2016 07:04AM

Pablo the answers to all your queries can be answered by examining the politically correct Odamna administration. Also the mandate for all agencies are not to assassinate any dignitaries, this is probably an unwritten agreement between nations to prevent agents from killing all leaders.