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Proof that Sydney is hell

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Proof that Sydney is hell

Comments for: Proof that Sydney is hell
Roberto Report This Comment
Date: October 22, 2016 12:39AM

You think the Poms would of incorporated some forward thinking when planning
a new settlement outside of the mother country.
I mean, their own towns were built way too small for the population to expand
and then they just went and did the same thing somewhere else.

Sure, Sydney Town was somewhat of an experiment but it's not as if they were planning to build
a "temporary" city. They should have known better.

Today, it takes around the same amount of time to travel the full length of Parramatta Road by car
as it did by horse and carriage back in the 1800's. It comes down to poor town planning.

Melbourne was planned a little better and so was Adelaide but it wasn't until those in power decided
to build the nations capital did some forward thinking really come into play.

Canberra is a cold and bitter location to set up a city but the actual layout and infrastructure of the town was genius.
Nice wide roads with room to add extra lanes as the city grows plus each suburb has it's own
shopping centre, schools, medical centres, parks and golf courses built into the town plans
before they even thought to send in the surveyors to each site.
And they capped the number of houses allowed to be built in each suburb,
stopping developers from doing dodgy sub dividing deals with land owners.

Of course there's all the other bullshit that comes with council, developers and corruption etc because
the larger the space provided, the less money they make.

I and others could go on about that forever but I won't.
We just need more cities like Canberra, but built in better locations though.