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Those were the days...

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Those were the days...

Comments for: Those were the days...
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: August 05, 2016 07:59AM

Floppies and monitors that came in boxes big enough to pass for a room edition ? Arrrrgggghhh!?
robert reynolds Report This Comment
Date: August 05, 2016 08:03AM

What do you mean those "were" the days?
These "still" are the days.
They are still using desk tops like these in a number of government agencies and in domestic homes too.
Over half of (Aus) State and Federal parliamentary records are still stored on floppy discs and have not been updated.
PLUS most of NSW's parliament Hansard was never updated from paper text to floppy or the like
and still sits in dusty boxes which are stored in the south west pilon of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.
So much for our political history.

Not everyone has three grand to fork out on a new desktop AND the
prices for them haven't reduced over the last ten years or so.

That's why people only end up accessing the net through their phones and other cheap devices,
not because they are cool or convenient. I just bought a tablet the other day for under a hundred bucks!
Bet ya it doesn't last one tenth as long as my desktop......
pulse Report This Comment
Date: August 05, 2016 09:25AM

plus613 runs on pretty much the same hardware, sans monitor
robert reynolds Report This Comment
Date: August 05, 2016 12:15PM

Yep, and the banks have only just recently updated their ATM's too
which were programmed by XP for the best part of fourteen years.
Now that I've used a few different programs I still found XP to be the most reliable